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Bowers Information?

There are a variety of Bowers websites with links to lots of other Bowers websites... But what about actual information about the Bowers surname and family history? If you have or would like to write some articles or gather information to be posted here, let me know. I would be glad to add new sections to to accommodate more useful content. Some topics might be:

  • What are all of the spellings of the variations on Bowers/Bower/Bauers/Bauer?
  • Bowers Vocabulary: 

    Tutorials - Contact Juggling and Palm (PDA)

    Contact Juggling Tutorial. For those looking for the Contact Juggling Tutorial, I am in the middle of updating these pages. I just moved to a CMS in April 2005 and this may change some of my paths... the Old Contact Juggling tutorial is at, but with any luck may move to my personal site and be updated some time this year...

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    As you can see, it is under construction (again)...

    Hi All,

    In the summer of 2004, I tried to make a more interactive site for people to post and exchange information. However, this past year has been frustrating since the software package I was using did not have good controls to prevent spam. It seemed each week I was spending too much time wiping out user accounts, spam and links to a adult, mortgage/car loan, and various drug web sites...

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