bowers from south yorkshire

hi my name is stephen samuel bowers i know my family came from newark area my great grandad use to run a pub in the square and most of the bowers's were born over the butchers shop there was joe my grandad, jack, albert, mary, rose and mavis all gone now am 19 wondering if there is any reliations out there or on this site i have a cousin in balderton but never seen him


Bowers Here

Wow, there's a lot of us. I was born Bowers. Father was born Billy Edger Bowers in either North or South Carolina, not sure,later a school teacher changed his name to William Edward Bowers because she thought it was more proper. He died June 1996. Grandmother was Thelma Bowers died 1989, I do not know what his fathers name was. He had a slew of brothers and sisters, Troy Bowers, Carl Bowers (both CA), Albert Bowers (TN), Francis Bowers, and more but I don't know the names either.


looking for family background

I found a post by an Ann Bowers Tennison, about Bowers located in KS, does anybody have a new contact for this person? I am related to her and want to find out more about our family background.
Robert Bowers


NJ Bowers

I am just starting on my Family History and I am looking for any information on my Grandfather...William Phillip Bowers, Sr or my great Grandfather...Freeman Bowers. He was married to Mena Burke Bowers. They lived in Harrison, NJ in early 1900's. If any one has any information that would be useful or interesting, please send me a note, or post here.
Thanks, Kathleen Bowers-Keefer


James Stratton looking for Carole Bowers

I came across this message from James on a Bowers site. I believe the Carole you are looking for is my mother. She recognizes your name and said she has met you before when whe visited Scotland with her mother, Chris, some 20 years or so ago. I have tried to contact you before, thought I would try this way instead of the Stratton email address. Carole would like very much to get in contact with you also. My email address is . Hope to hear from you soon.

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Escanaba Mi

Are there any decendents of Charles & Ida Bowers of Escanaba, Mi on-line?


Henry Bowers, Utah (Help me find my Birth father)

Im looking for a man named Henry Bowers who might possable be my birth father not sure if he know I exist All I know is he had red hair and lots of freckels and lived in utah around the Salt Lake- Holiday area. He had a sister named Maryann and dated a Lady Named Dona Guice Brubaker around 1973. If anyone has any info please help me find the missing part in my life.

Thank you Kelly


Dundee Bowers

Well Hello,
I am new to the forum! Our Bowers are in Montreal and Ontario - recently. Does anyone have a connection to Dundee? The names connected to my Bower are WESTWOOD,LEITCH, CONSTABLE, THOMSON AND A(I)NSWORTH. It seems all the males were either William or Graham.
Any connections would be so appreciated.


South Africa Bowers

Hi. I'm a bowers too. I live in South Africa though. No idea where its origin is
but, am weirded out by how many Jade Bowers' there are in the world.


A Latter Day Saint Missionary in Italy

Hello! I'm looking for a Bower who served as a missionary for the LDS Church in Italy in 1968.
Any help?
Please send your reply to my personal email address:
Thank you.

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Over 2500 Bowers websites...

This week I did a new search for Bowers related websites and came up with over 2,500! Check them our in the All US Sites link from the menu if you want to see who has registered something! There are lots of businesses as well as individuals who just wanted their own little website. You can find anything from photographers to custom furniture makers!


Looking For Long Lost Brother, Matt

Hopefully you all could help me, if he's not looking for himself. I recently found out that I have an older brother that my dad fathered to another woman while he was in the service. From my current understanding, she moved to buffalo new york with her son and remarried.

All I know is that his name is Matt, and his mother's name is Diane, and that he is around 24 years of age. Matt if you read this, my fathers name is James (or Jamie) Bowers, born and raised in chicago.


Anderson Bowers (born 1815) (SC) married Lydia Horton

I am responding to christy (submitted 2-17-06) I am a descendant of Anderson and Lydia Bowers through William Bowers. I have been able to trace our line through the present generation. I would be interested in what info you have been able to locate and I could share my info with you.


Bowers from Stark Co., Ohio

I am researching my wife line that starts in PA some where and comes to Stark Co., Ohio in abt 1830 and stay there until 1970's. George Bowers and Elizabeth Hoover are the start. John Baker

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Adding a new Bowers (engaged)

This is Ray Bowers, the site owner and admin... I just had some good news, so I thought I would share it. Yep, I am finally engaged. April 26th, I asked Nona Green to marry me and she said Yes.

I decided to surprise Nona by doing it at the dance where we met. For those who don't know us, we met through and compete on a Swing dance team called Capital Swing. To do it, Dean (the DJ) played "Ain't no sunshine" and I asked Nona to dance. I took her to the same spot where a few years ago at another Wednesday night Dean and Dawn dance we had met and first did a WCSwing dance.

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Calling all artists -- want to help give this site a face lift?

We have quite a few artists here on, so would any of you like to help out the site?

I know that I am not a graphic artist. My choice of colors and the simple photo of an old crest I put up here are not exactly fancy and eye catching. So, if there is anyone who would love to propose a new color scheme, font selection, and even create a replacement image for the top banner (it does not have to be the same size), then I am welcome to ideas or submissions!


Bowers in England

Hi, my name is Chris Bowers. I live near Northampton UK. I am married with 2 kids. My parents also live in Northampton but my father's family are from Newbury. My Brother also lives near Northampton he is married with 2 young kids.



I have no idea if this will ever be responded to. I am looking for my uncle, his name is Craig Bowers, and lived in Hickory Corrners Michigan on Gull lake. He had a brother nammed Jon (my father), and a sister Sally. His dad would be Frederick Bowers, son of Ernest. I think Craig and my dad had a falling out years ago, but i am not sure, he never talks about him. I i know that he lived in California in the 80s or 90s, but now i am not sure.


Looking for information on Evertte Bowers

He lived in Saint Paul MN during the sixties and work at a department store down town. He had a son born in Saint Paul named Richard Eugene Bowers born to him and Murial. They devorced when Richard was very little and moved to Southern Califorina. Richard went to medical school and moved to San Diego around 1948. I have not been able to find any information on Everette. not realy sure of the spelling. My father (Richard E. Bowers Sr. MD) took me to see him when I was 13 in Saint Paul.




I've been researching my mother's family tree and linked up with another Bowers line. On our line there is an Arthur Bowers born about 1775 in South Carolina. Anyone have any knowledge of Arthur or any Bowers there?
He then came to England.



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