Josiah R Bowers, Kansas, born 1862 in New Jersey

Hi there all you Bowerses! I've run up against a stumbling block in the family tree at my great Grandfather, Josiah R Bowers. Census listing shows that he was born in 1862 in New Jersey, then moved to Kansas, where lots of US are located. Any info would be a great help.

Thanks! Jim


Bower family hung

Thought this might be of interest to someone. Found this article in an old copy of the Australian Post, April, 1985:
Tragic Destiny:
In the early 1800s the Bowers family were catapulted towards a tragic destiny when first, husband and wife were hanged in England, and 14 years later their three sons, found guilty of attempted robbery, ended their lives on the end of the hangmans' noose.

That's all there was, so don't ask me who or where - I don't know.
Hannah N.Z.


Bower family - Castlepollard Westmeath Ireland

Hi, I'm trying to help a friend with her family history and haven't much to go on, so if there's anyone that can help, we would be very grateful:
Mathew Bower (farmer) married to Elizabeth Hall - son Peter Charles Bower b.circa. 1867, Castlepollard, Westmeath, Ire. Peter C. Bower emigrated to New Zealand and married Bridget Lane, 4 April, 1899 in Timaru, Sth Canterbury, NZ. Thomas was another family name. We are interested in any Bower family in Castlepollard or elsewhere, that might be related to this family. Thankyou. Hannah. N.Z.

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Signing my mark

I have been trying to find my roots... My dad disowned a lot of his family so I don't many of my bowers family members I am trying to see who I can find and see what i can do...
Not sure what to say


Searching for Bowers from Alabama

I am the grand daughter of Dacil Bowers and daughter of Dacil Bowers jr. from Alabama. I have been able to trace my family back to my great grand father Tom Bowers and then to my great great grand father Dave Bowers who is buried in oak hillcrest Johnson city tenn. That is where I get lost. I found a Herman J Bowers in oak hillcrest but don't know if related to Dave.

If anyone can help me get past this point I would greatly appreciated it.
Angel( Bowers) Springer


Pennsylvania---Philadelphia--Chester County--

I didn't leave my e-mail on my previous post----

Stella--Dallett--William T---lots more

feel free to contact me.

Pete Bowers



Does anyone have any information on Dallet Bowers of Pennsylvania? Likewise, how about the Bowers Paper Mill on the Brandywine River?


Benjamin Bower from Pennsylvania

I am looking for Benjamin Bower born Nov 30, 1812 in Penn. died Apr 25, 1889 in Akron, Ohio. His wifes name was Elizabeth, last name possibly Schnieder or Snyder born 1818 in Ohio. His children were Aaron, Benjamin, Hannah, Mary, Sophia. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.

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Searching for a Bowers

hi i was born and adopted in austin, texas and apparently my last name was bowers. just searching for my biological parents and siblings. if anyone knows anything let me know!
thanks :)
Christina Eileen


Maude Anna Wilson

My grandmother, Maude Anna Wilson Brown, was supposedly the great or great great granddaughter of William Bowers and Polly Cox Bowers of Georgia. I am looking for her parents and/or grandparents. My grandmother was married to John B. Brown and lived and is buried in Hart County, GA.


Romany Roots

Hello, I am trying to find any information from any Bowers in the Portsmouth UK area. Does anyone recognize the name Henry Bowers, I was told that he at one time chopped down a neighbours front door with an axe. He married a woman named Edith. He would have had 4 sons Ronald, Alfred, Terry and Brian also a daughter Sylvia. Thank you to all who read this. Denise Bowers


Jacob Bowers Emigrated from France

My great-great-grandfather Jacob Bowers and wife Anna Marie Eglouf/Aglouf emigrated to the Maryland/Pennsylvania area (Haggerstown?) about 1840. They could have been born in Alsace-Lorraine. Their youngest son was David William (great-grandfather) and HIS son was Fredrick Frances (grandfather). My research so far stops with Jacob and Anna Marie. Does anyone have any information on these people?


Bower (s) & Coal Mining, PA

Hi all. I am just starting out researching my DH's maternal side. His grandmother is Hazel Bower (no s, but she knows there are/were s's) and I cannot get any info from her and what I have is temporarily MIA. It is difficult to get info from family when they don't care about their ancestors.

I know she was born c 1915, Shamokin, PA and her father died in a coal mining accident. She was about 14-16 years old when that happened. So it would have happened in the late 20's I think or around there.


Seraching for Links to Virginia Bowers lines

I am seeking the family history for Robert W. Bowers, son of Chancellor Bowers (1825- abt 1866). I am stuck and cant discern the parents of Chancellor Bowers. Chancellor Bowers married Rebecca Summers in 1849 in Page County, Virginia. Anyone know the lineage??


David Bowers And sons, Steve, Jeff, Duane, Danny, & Matthew. Have you seen them

Looking for any of the following people. Lived in upstate NY Sodus, Williamson, Ontario area early to mid 70's then moved to Loveland Colorado where family split apart. I currently reside back in upstate NY have no idea where anyone else is except Matthew. My Name is Marty Baker or should I say " Doug Bowers" Just looking to reunite with family catch up on a lot of missed times. Can anyone help?


researching Bowers family history

my romany grandfather was Frederick Bowers who sadly passed away in August 2007 after only knowing him since november 2006 after he had parted from my grandmother some 40 years ago and had'nt been seen or heard of until november 2006. i do know that he was born in Dudley near Birmingham and also had lived in nine mile ride wokingham. the people i am looking for information about is his father Walter Bowers who was born litchmere common, Hampshire and married Rose Maria Bennett in 1919 in Top Church, Dudley.

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St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada has the cooooolest Bowers around: me

That's right. If there's any other Bowers in the area then we oughtta get together and chat for an hour as we devour a tower of my wife's famous fried chicken (unless you like it sweet and sour).

Ah, if only.

But times are dour for this poor Bowers, as I'm no longer with power, there's nothing to eat but a bag of flour and sh@# has most certainly gone sour as we cower beneath God's glower, hoping we'll soon find better shelter than the crummy gift shop at Cabot Tower.


bowers, gilbert, gartman

hello looking for anyone with any information about a samuel bowers b 1841 penn.
Married aliza gilbert. Moved to Illinois and died sometime between 1900 & 1910.


Gypsy Bowers

Good grief!
My grandfather always said that there was a Bowers Queen of the Gypsies. Never understood what he meant or really believed it.
I live in Poole (UK) although my Bowers line goes back to Fareham area.




hiya im actually from Botany Bay Road! i am 16 years old and have lived here my whole life.
There are still people from the bowers family living here.Im afraid to say there is not many of them left because the majority of them are old now.
My dad is relations to the family and we are all very close.
when i looked up " gypsies in Southampton it was very nice to see the road i live in to come up and to see some of the comments that people have left about them being relations or maybe thinking they are!
I am glad that there are still members or partial members of the bowers family left.



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