My aunt Mary O'Sullivan (born Jullunder, India, 1890) married Clifford Bowers (b. 1883) and eventually in 1925/26 emigrated with him from England to Fremantle in Western Australia, setting up a farm about 250 miles north of there, and eventually dying in Perth in 1963. They had two sons, Pat Bowers (b. 1917) who inherited their farm and later retired to Perth himself, and Tony Bowers (b. 1919) who founded a timber business in Sydney. We European relations have lost touch.



I have recently found out that my fathers name was Larry Clay Bowers from Detriot, MI. I dont think at this point it is a coincidence, and I believe we may be related. Let me know, I knwo you havent posted since 1999, but hoping you check this in the next couple of years...


Recently found out I am a Bowers...

Wow. Anyhow, I am the son of Larry Bowers, whos mothers maiden name I believe is Serratt?? I am not looking for a family reunion, but some insight into my biological family would be interesting if anyone has any info.


Ireland Bowers

I am looking for any info about the ancestors of Timothy Bowers of County Down, Ireland, who immigrated to the US in 1790 and settled by 1795 in Tyrone Township,Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Timothy was a weaver and married to Margaret ?? and had a least two sons, William and Robert. William, my ancestor, moved to Brown County, Ohio, in 1815 upon the death of Timothy. William named his children John, Martha, Mary, Timothy, Jane, William W., James Harvey, George Wallace, Elizabeth and James Calvin. In Griffiths Valuation of Ireland there were Bowers in Annahilt.


Looking for a Charlie Bowers that lived in Arlington VA in 1969-1970

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post this but I was wondering if anyone knew of a Charlie Bowers that lived in Arlington VA in 1969-1970 that was friends with a Suzanne Pimble as seen in this photo. Please respond if you have any information. Thanks!


Cora Bowers-Richmond/Caroline Co. Virginia

Greetings. Like so many others posting to this forum I'm searching for information about the Bowers family. The research I've conducted to date confirms that my earliest American ancestors entered the country through Jamestown/James City, Virginia in the mid 1600's. Many settled in present day Caroline County/Greater Richmond, Virginia.


Oak View Cemetery and Bowers Memorial Park near Canon, GA

I just returned from a trip to Georgia where I visited both Canon and Bowersville. I did not have a lot of time to spend but I did manage to make it to Oak View Cemetery which contains Bowers Memorial Park. There are many, many Bowers people within this cemetery. I managed photographs of those who I know my own kin but also snapped photos of other sites that I am just now getting off of my camera. I will try to post them here later. I absolutely recommend this cemetery for anyone with Bowers roots in Canon, GA and the surrounding counties of Elbert and Hart.


Looking for info on Scioto County Bowers

Hi! Looking for information on a William and/or Lucinda(Cush) Bowers. She was born in PA. about 1854 and supposedly died in 1935 in Ohio. Would like to know where she is buried. William is buried in Madison Twp.,Scioto County, Ohio. Any information will help.


BOWERS family in Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio area

My grandfather was Frederick Wylie Bowers born in Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio area about 1896 or 1898. His mother's maiden name was Wylie. He had a sister Mildred. He married Edna Conrad who was also from that area and born in 1899. My grandfather and grandmother moved to Springfield, Ohio early in their marriage and had 10 children. He worked for many years at Crowell Collier Publishing in Springfield until his death in 1955. Does anyone have any information on my grandfather. I cannot find any thing on Grandpa or even Grandma. Please help me if you know anything.


My unknow family tree

I have no knowledge of my extended family tree, and was wondering if any Bowers out there could help? Growing up my father (George C. Bowers) told my brother and I our heritage is "Heinz 57" so we dont even know our ethnic backgrounds. His father is Russel C. Bowers who passed only 6 months after my father passed, so getting information is slim to none. Russel and Patricia Bowers had 6 children Russel Jr, Christine, George, Chery, Karen, and Kimberly. Any information may be helpful, and thank you in advance!
Rebecca A. Bowers


LeRoy Bowers

I am trying to plug some holes in my family history. According to the information I have, LeRoy Bowers was born 29 Jan 1901 in Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania. He died on 16 Dec 1947. LeRoy was married to Mary E. Andrejansky (who was born on 13 Jan 1905. I have been unable to find any records of when, or if, Mary died. I would appreciate any information anyone would be willing to share with me.


margaret jane bowers

margaret jane bowers was baptised 4 march 1794 at fredricksburg,ontario canada. her parents were peter bower and catherine windecker who lived at fredricksburg,ontario canada. she married 1819 (new york usa or canada) lewis nadeau (nedo,neddo) and lived at south mountain,ontario,canada. after 1837 she and her husband lived in hinchinbrooke twp,frontenac county,ontario canada. we think she died about 1851. would anyone have more info of her. especially death or marriage dates. thanks. vivian


Clarence Bowers from Tennesee

My name is April (Bowers) Cox. I am looking for my grandfather who I have never met. All I know is that he lives or lived in Tennessee. His name is Clarence Bowers and was married to my grandmother Myrtle. My father's name is Conley Eugene Bowers and he had a brother named Jerry Lee Bowers. We lost Jerry when I was 6 years old to a motorcycle accident. I would love to meet him or any of my extended family that I have never met. If you have any information at all please contact me at you so much!!!

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Earl Elwood Bowers b. 19 Aug 1914 or 1916; d. 22 May 1992

I posted in 2006 looking for information on a Michael Bowers who may have adopted my grandfather, Earl Elwood Bowers in Michigan. I also posted prior to that looking for any information I could find on Earl Elwood Bowers. There have been no responses so I am posting again! Earl Elwood Bowers, dob 08/19/1914 or 1916 and died 05/22/1992. He was a Corporal in the US Army Air Corp WW II. He is buried in the Sashabaw Cemetary in Clarkston, Michigan. He was living in Pontiac, MI when he died.


Bowers from Ripley-Send, Surrey, pre 1900

Hi to all, and any who stumble on this through internet searches.

I am looking for any information on the Bowers family who were in Ripley-Send, Surrey England in the 19th century and earlier. Pacrticularly this line of the family

John Bowers(?) m. Mary ?
parents of
1.George Bowers (1823) m. Mary Ann ?
parents of
3.Mary Ann
6.Elizabeth Jane
7.John Bowers (1862) m. Charlotte Bertha Wright

I know John and Charlotte and their children emigrated to New Zealand in 1904, and i believe some of his siblings may have already emigrated there.


Bowers Globe AZ

I'm looking for any informationregarding Herbert and Helen Bowers (neé Anderson)
who lived in Globe Arizona in 1946.


Canadian Bowers connection ?

Not sure if this is the proper venue to request information about family line.
My father was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1906.
No record seems available of that birth.
Later his family moved to Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.
I do not know for certain the name my grand mother prior to marriage.
I believe it to have been Saul.
John Bowers and (possibly Violet ?) Saul had two children Jack Garnet Bowers, and Violet Bowers.
Family separated around 1914...Mother and daughter migrated to Port Credit, Ontario, Canada.


Bowers Family from Texas

I am looking for Bowers' from the Panhandle area of Texas, specifically Wheeler, Texas. I heard stories all of my life about the ranches in that area that my grandfather talked about working on all of his young life in the early part of the 1900's before joining the CCC. His name was Bedford Forrest Bowers. I don't know his parents names.
Ring any bells for anyone? I am mostly looking to locate the ranches.
D Darwin


Bowers and Zinn family's from Minnesota

Hi, my mother was a Bowers! Her father was William Pittman Bowers b. Aug 1896 in Hennepin Minnesota. He married Louise Margaret Zinn (my grandmother) b. Aug 1896.
His father was John J Bowers, b. Oct 1853 in New York. His father was John Bowers, b. 1826 in Whaplode, England and was married to Mary A. Taylor, also from England.
His father was John Bowers as well, b. 1801 in Whaplode England and was married to Martha.
Does anyone have information on this family? I'm also looking for the Zinn family that came from Germany.
Thanks!! PJ


Searching for my roots

Hi Bowers community, I really hope someone would be able to assist me. I am trying to trace my roots so to speak and have hit a bit of a wall in that the patriachs are no longer with us. I am trying to trace the origins of Matthew Attwood Bowers who arrived in Cape Town on a British Naval vessel (from delivering supplies to St. Helena Island). He had a son - Daniel Attwood Bowers - my grandfather, who first married Evelyn Ross and later Gwendoline Pond (my gran). Somewhere along the line a Henry Bowers features, however I am not too sure where he fits in.



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