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Tutorials - Contact Juggling and Palm (PDA)

Contact Juggling Tutorial. For those looking for the Contact Juggling Tutorial, I am in the middle of updating these pages. I just moved to a CMS in April 2005 and this may change some of my paths... the Old Contact Juggling tutorial is at, but with any luck may move to my personal site and be updated some time this year...

Palm Pilot (PDA) Tutorial. I have deleted the old Palm Pilot (old version of the Palm PDA) tutorial I wrote many years ago. I originally developed it back in 1997 when PDAs were new, not well documented and certainly not as as user friendly as they are today. These days, PDAs are everywhere and the software has improved so much, I don't think there is a need for another tutorial on how to use them. For a great source of information and software on PDAs, check out


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