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John Bowers Sr(1773-1848)

I am seeking information about John Bowers Sr(1773-1848) and his wife Sabrina Gross Bowers(1776-?). This would be my ggggrandfather and ggggrandmother.


I am the 2nd great granddaughter of John Bowers. My great grandfather was his son Abraham. My grandfather was Adolphus Worth Bowers. My dad was Roy Houston Bowers. My birt name is Carol Jean Bowers. I have gone by Connie ever since I was a child. Please tell me what information you are looking for. Be glad to help any way I can.
Connie Bowers McDonald
Houston, TX


I dont know if it is the same John Bowers, but if so he would be my greatgrandfather, My grandfather(his son) is Edward Letrell Bowers. My father is Jeffrey Lynn Bowers and I am Jeffrey Lynn Bowers Jr. The Bowers that are related to me are from Glyndon/Reisterstown/Westminster Maryland area.(I think)...I lived in Maryland all my life up untill 8 years ago, but I am only 18 miles from the mason dixon line.

Edward Bowers married Betty Smith(my grandmother).

Also, Andy and Joe Bowers are the sons of John. I heard from my dad that he married an 18 year old when he was in his 50s, haha. I cant say much about that cause I am 39 and my wife is 21, lol.

I wish I knew more about my family, but alas, I do not :(