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Before posting or replying to messages here on, you must first set up a free account. This use to be a quick and easy process, but because of automated bots that try to set up fraudulent accounts and SPAM the system, I have had to change things around a little.

If you would like an account on, simply email State that you would like an account here and include the following three things in your email:
1. Your name
2. Your email address
2. Your requested user name: this can be your name, an alias or anything you want to be known by. You will use it to log in.

I will set up the account and send you a link and password. You can then log in, change the password and fill in other details of your account as you like. This should cut down on the amount of SPAM!

Note that this is just for an account to log in and post messages to Email addresses at are a paid service ($12 a year). See the page for more information.

Thank you,

Ray Bowers