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Hello, I am your host, Ray Bowers... Welcome to!

My engement portrait, April 2007

So why did I set up For the e-mail address! In the mid-90's when the internet started to catch on, I decided I really wanted the e-mail address Fortunately, the domain was still available, so I grabbed it up and have been using it ever since! With an e-mail that easy to remember, I will not have to worry about friends ever loosing contact with me again. (Unless they just want to forget me... *chuckle*)

Of course, at first I really did not know what to do with the domain itself. I used for my personal domain for a while, but eventually I decided to set up for my personal use and try to make more for family oriented information and interaction. I still have not figured out a long term plan, but I am open to ideas on what else to add here. Have any ideas?

What can I say about myself? I have had several major obsessions over the years... Competitive and social Swing and C/W dancing, photography (yes, I had a studio in my home at one point), juggling (made it up to 7 balls and yes I own torches) and most recently woodworking! I have quite the work shop in my basement and love to do wood turning now, especially since my lathe is much quieter than my table saw, so I can go work late at night with the family asleep... Although single for a VERY long time, I finally got married, May 19, 2007 and almost a year later learned to change my first diaper!! At work, I am a computer geek specializing in Data Warehousing - a subject which puts most non-techies to sleep.

I hope to hear from Bowers all over! Enjoy the site,

Ray Bowers admin