James Bowers, 1799-1884

I am looking for information about James Bowers, who was born in Maryland in 1799 and later moved to the Chambersburg, Pa., area. He moved later to Indiana--sometime before 1860--and died there in 1884. He was married to Mary Warren from Pennsylvania.


Bowers of Bancroft ON

My grandfather was Raymond Bowers (1895-!958). His Grandparents were Michael Bower(s) and Elizabeth Sararas. Michael's Father, I believe, was Moses Bower of Whitedeer Twp. Northumberland Co PA, but not totally sure. Are these names familiar to anyone?


looking for birthfather

My name is Kelly Hughes and I'm looking for my birthfather. He went by the name Henry Bowers. Henry might be his middle name. I don't know much about him just that he has a sister name marry ann and he had red hair and lots of freckels. He lived in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1974. He would be about 53 years old. If any one might know him or his sister PLEASE let them know that i'm looking for them. Or if you have any info on them that might help me find them please E-mail me. khughes1996@yahoo.com


Bowers From France to New York..

What I have; Frederick J. Bowers 1813-born in France as mother Catherine was born 1774 married Mariah McKee (1821)in New York. Children were as follows;
Frederick(1839) William(1842) Tryphena(1844) Malissa
(1847) Catharine(1850) Harriet(1850) George(1854-1855) Hellen(1855). All the children can be found on the 1860 census of Hamburg, New York. I have NOTHING on the daughters. ANYONE with these


Looking for lost great uncle- Michigan

I am trying to find an uncle of mine that has been "lost" for some time. His name is Gerald Bowers from the U.P in Michigan.
I tried to find him before my grandma (his sister) past away but, was not lucky. I hope this site can help


Searching for family of Ray & Helen Bowers, Denver Colorado

I'm searching for family members of Ray and Helen Bowers, who were living in Denver, Colorado in 1964. Helen was born a McFatter, of Claiborne co. MS. Her brothers are named Myron and Louis. I am trying to find out if Helen or Ray are still alive or if they have any children. Please contact me at nichol_storm@yahoo.com if you have any information. Thank you!

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Dorothy (Canada) Bowers with sone Steven Bowers?

Someone else sent me the following to post. For more information, email me directly:


Hello Ray,I was wondering if you can be of any service.I live in Los Angeles & often see this homeless man,who has been around for a few years now.I gave him some money the other day & engaged in conversation about his family etc.He said his name was Steven Bowers,He was about 50 plus years of age & came from New York.I asked him about his family & after saying He had none,He said that his mother lives in a Atlanta,GA suburb which sounded like Backet & Her name was Dorothy Bowers & She went by the name of Canada,possibly a nick name.He had not seen his family now for 10 years.He definately has a mental illness & is definately unable to do much for himself.I felt sorry for him & wonder if His Bowers family know of his where abouts.If you have any info on his mother, I can be reached on my cell phone at xxx-xxx-xxxx.He did mention that his mother lives in a mansion.I tried to find this town,but I did not get the correct spelling.Maybe ,you could post this letter in case any other Bowers knows Dorothy.Thanks Sincerely Jez coxon


Looking for English Bowers

I am researching my family history--. Gt Grandfather, Matthew Boor,b about 1847 in ? Germany?france, came to England around 1871. 4 surviving sons all changed their surname around the time of WWar I:
William Bower, Ernest Bower,Arthur James Parkinson (mother's maiden name), and Albert John Bowers.

Looking for descendants or relations of Albert John Bowers born 1894, Kenneth
Roy Bowers born 1924 or Carole Lynne Bowers born 1965.


Bowers, William Holden

My father was William Holden Bowers and was born approximately 1907-08 on the 12th July in England but then moved to Belfast, Northern Ireland. He died 16th December 1961 in New Zealand. My mother was Bertha Mary nee Napier. We immigrated to New Zealand in 1951.
Brothers - Ernest and Joseph
Sisters - Maisie, Maggie, Annie.
There were more siblings


bowers of north carolina, south carolina and georgia

i'm looking for info on giles bowers, born ca 1800 in north carolina and married mary rebecca ? they had a son, john w., born 1830 in south carolina and moved to georgia two years later, where james a., george, sarah and martha were born. john w. was head of the house in the 1850 census in marion county, ga., and lived with his brothers and sisters, wife ellen morler, her mother, rebecca, and ellens brothers and sisters luisa, joseph, nancy and elizabeth.


Bowers familymembers in Newfoundland Canada

Hi Ray and fellow Bowers Family members world wide. My particular interest is the Bowers Family name pertaining to those who have setteld in Newfoundland specifically Green Bay area)Canada. The earliest records I have in my family date to John Bowar who married Jane Noble in Nippers Harbour. I have much more information on those who have the Bowers family name from the same generation and generations that followed yet I am unable to see a common connection to unite all names into one family! I will gladly share my info with fellow family researchers in the hope that a common threat may be revealed.


I'm lost

hey all!!

I think I am the most rare of all bowers, my name is Ivan Bowers, i was born in 1968 in mexico, my father was antonio bowers gomez but I don't know the date of birth, my grandpa name was (far as I know) eduardo or edward bowers and I don't know if he was british or northamerican

I woul like to know if thete's something bthat help me to find my roots

anyone with some information please feel free to contact me or post a message


William Edward Bowers

Am new to this site-sometimes back, there was an inquiry about the above name. In my research I came across a William Edward who was married to a Martha (Gilbert) Bowers who had a daughter named Nora Ida Bowers married to a Lee Andrew Alexander. They resided near Seneca/ Easley area. Anyone know anything about them?


Hell's Kitchen

Looking for farmily decents that date back 1930-1950's Hells Kitchen NY area. My dad's name was James. Karen - karenb_66@yahoo.com


bowers from south yorkshire

hi my name is stephen samuel bowers i know my family came from newark area my great grandad use to run a pub in the square and most of the bowers's were born over the butchers shop there was joe my grandad, jack, albert, mary, rose and mavis all gone now am 19 wondering if there is any reliations out there or on this site i have a cousin in balderton but never seen him


Bowers Here

Wow, there's a lot of us. I was born Bowers. Father was born Billy Edger Bowers in either North or South Carolina, not sure,later a school teacher changed his name to William Edward Bowers because she thought it was more proper. He died June 1996. Grandmother was Thelma Bowers died 1989, I do not know what his fathers name was. He had a slew of brothers and sisters, Troy Bowers, Carl Bowers (both CA), Albert Bowers (TN), Francis Bowers, and more but I don't know the names either.


looking for family background

I found a post by an Ann Bowers Tennison, about Bowers located in KS, does anybody have a new contact for this person? I am related to her and want to find out more about our family background.
Robert Bowers


NJ Bowers

I am just starting on my Family History and I am looking for any information on my Grandfather...William Phillip Bowers, Sr or my great Grandfather...Freeman Bowers. He was married to Mena Burke Bowers. They lived in Harrison, NJ in early 1900's. If any one has any information that would be useful or interesting, please send me a note, or post here.
Thanks, Kathleen Bowers-Keefer


James Stratton looking for Carole Bowers

I came across this message from James on a Bowers site. I believe the Carole you are looking for is my mother. She recognizes your name and said she has met you before when whe visited Scotland with her mother, Chris, some 20 years or so ago. I have tried to contact you before, thought I would try this way instead of the Stratton email address. Carole would like very much to get in contact with you also. My email address is scnassos@yahoo.com . Hope to hear from you soon.

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Escanaba Mi

Are there any decendents of Charles & Ida Bowers of Escanaba, Mi on-line?



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