Iowa's Bowers Family

Hoping to find more info on relatives from Iowa. Robert Bowers, B.D. November 20?, 1920's. Robert was in the Army as a young man, and had a sister, (perhaps a sister-in-law) "Tru" Bowers. His family farmed in Iowa, but after his Army days, he moved to Savanna, IL, and married Eunice Ritchie. It is my understanding that there was a "falling-out" with family members because he joined the army instead of continuing with the family farm.


East Coast Bowers

Looking for any Bowers that lived in Keansburg, NJ
most of the men in the family worked as Longshoremen and William "Billy" was appointed as President of the Longshoremens Union sometime between 1940-1950's. The family consisted of approx 8 children mixed brothers and sisters. One of the brothers was sent to prison for a "headline" crime in the late 70's early 80's ~ my Dad "Jimmy" was the one called and i remember driving with him late that night to Keansburg to give moral support to "Uncle Donald's" family that night.


looking for my grandfather's family in canada

hey i am looking for anyone that maybe related to a
Charles Bowers he was born March 26, 1930 i think or
it might have been March 26, 1931, he died May of 1996.
He was married to a women by the name of Marion Ruth Bowers
they have a son that goes by the name of Chas Bowers.
He used to work for General Motors(Queenstown) in
Oakville, Ontario, Canada. They lived in
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada for many years.



Hi My name is Jennifer McCrory I am the granddaughter of Charles and Marion Bowers they used to live in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada if the names ring a bell to you or you are related to them please messages me back



i am the granddauther of Charles Bowers


Job Bowers

Job Bowers, Hart County, Georgia, born 1803, died 1888, married to Elizabeth Ballenger. After the War Between the States, Job had to receive a pardon from the president of the United States in order to be postmaster at his stagecoach stop, and later Bowersville and Canon. I have the original, and have had it restored. At the same time I had some copies made of this document. I still have a few copies left.


William Bowers

Looking for information on William Bowers, sentenced to transportation to the colonies at the Old Bailey in England 5 Apr 1741. Was transported in May of same year on the ship Katherine and Elizabeth to Maryland as a bondsman. Does anyone know anything about him? If so, please e-mail me: Please use subject line "Bowers"


Dave, Steve, Jeff, Duane, & Danny Bowers Please reply

Looking for step father "David" and sons if your out there please reply. If anyone knows of them have them email me at I sure miss them. My name at the time was Doug Bowers now it Martin Baker. Can anyone help. originally from PA, Ny area lived in williamson/sodus Ny then went west to Colorado later possibably returning back to PA/NY Can anyone help. Fathers name was David and had 5 sons total that Iam aware of 4 from 1 marriage and 1 from another and I was The son of Linda Sutherland when my mom married David.


New Member Looking up the Bowers Clan of Western-Central Pennsylvania

Hi Everyone:
I'm new to the site, so Hello!
I am trying to find information on my Great Great Grandfather John Bowers. The best information that I have is on my Great Grandfather James M. Bowers who was born in Williamsburg, Blair County, Pennsylvania, in 1870. He lived for quite a while in East Wheatfield Township, Indiana County, and was killed in a mine in Somerset County in 1909. While in Indiana County he married Annie Ressler.


Polly Cox Bowers

I am looking for information about Polly Cox Bowers wife of William Bowers. She was born June 1786 and died 1873. I do not know William's dates. William and Polly (probably Mary Ann) lived either in Geogia or South Carolina. I would like information on either of these great, great, grandparents of mine.


Eleanor Irina Maud Shepherd

Bowers info seems to have run dry, so now trying to locate info on my Great Grandmother, Eleanor Irina Maud Shepherd dob either 1890 or 1894, died 1929. Married to Philip Charles Bowers (son of Philip Edmund Bowers and Ruth Jessica Steed of Great Waldingfield Suffolk) Her fathers name was either Jack or John Shepherd, bit of a rogue, owner of brothels and horse dealer to the king, he had a second family in Canada.


Hunting for my Grandfather

I am searching for any information on a James Bowers from the Bristol TN.area, his parents may have been Paul and Virginia Bowers.They may have owned/run a theater in or around the 40's-50's. Their address may have been Little Mary St.


Tracing your English Bowers

I've found a great site if you suspect your ancestors came from Suffolk
put "the families of Great Waldingfield, Suffolk" in your search engine, click on surnames and then click on bowers (of course) you may find some names that help, it also has links to spouses, children and parent. So if you know Emma Bird was your relative you can look her up and find she was married to Joshua Bowers. Try it,


Looking for Bower s from Summit Ohio

Looking for information about Bower s from Summit County Ohio, mostly in Coventry. Benjamin (1813 pennsylvania), Aaron (1847), Henry (1882), Harry (1908)


UK Bowers

Trying to follow the family name back Can anyone help?
F Robert Bowers Dob 1943
GF Philip Bowers Dob 1917(London)
GGF Philip Bowers Dob 1888 (Gt Waldingfield)
GGGF Philip Bowers Dob 1861 (Gt Waldingfield)
GGGGF Joshua Bowers C 1836
GGGGGF Peter Bowers Dob 1811?


Leona Bowers

Am looking for Leona Bowers born 1893 in Pierce, Ne.Husband Frank Hall.


Nelson Bowers

Seeking information on the family of Nelson Bowers, born 1947 Ohio, son of Earl Bowers, born 1907 Pa.


John Martin Bowers 1845-1932

Looking for information on the Family of John M Bowers. John is reported to have been born in Portage County, Ohio in 1845. He had a Twin sister Elizebeth, and older brother Gerheart (1842) older sister Kate who married a Byrns and moved to Illinois Brown County. Fathers name was Martin. Mother Elizebeth both from Darmstadt area of Germany. John died in Schuyler County Illinois.



Bowers Family in Muskingum County Ohio

I did a basic geneology of the Bowers family in Muskingum County Ohio. There are two Bowers' families who settled in the Zanesville area, one from Connecticut and my branch from Virginia.

My families patriarch was John Bowers married to Barbary Bowers who moved to Sonora, Ohio in Muskingum County sometime around 1810.


William Bowers d1864 in Monroe County Tennessee

Any info on William Bowers died in 1864 married to Elizabeth Spicy who died in 1878.

Had seven children:

William Bowers Jr
Alexander Bowers
James A Bowers
Elizabeth Spicy Bowers
Martha C Bowers
Cynthia Bowers
Allen Harvey Bowers

Please email me with "ANY" info.





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