If you are related to Charles Raymond Bowers please read this

My father was Charles Raymond Bowers, and I really don't know much about him, he is from the Quad City Area. I think he graduated from Unite Township High School with my mother at the time Edna Salome Bonds. I know of three sons, Brad, Charlie and Leroy, and as far as I know I'm the only girl. Please if you are part of my family let me know. I check this weekly. Thank you.


A Bowers from Southampton England


This site is great... so interesting, didn't know there were so many 'Bowers' in the world.
My family are from Southampton, England and I am a decendant from the Romany family from Botany Bay. I am very family orientated and very proud of my heritage and roots.
My Great Grandparents were Noah [Chalky] and Lavinia Bowers [The King and Queen of the Gypsies].
I hope you all find your family roots soon.


A Bowers in Southampton

Hi I live in Southampton, England.

I have Romany roots [on my father side] and are very proud of them. My great Grandfather was Noah [Chalkie] Bowers
and my Grandmother was Lavinia [King and Queen of the Gypsies]

I am just starting a family tree, with the help of my son. Just wish I had done it while my parents were alive. It would have been much easier and much more fun.


Matilda Bowers Brown

In the newly published book, obituarties abstracted from the Hartwell Sun 1903-1922, I find where James C Brown died Oct 31, 1913, leaving his wife, Matilda Bowers Brown and 12 living children. Can someone help me find to which branch of the family she belongs?


Job Bowers

In the newly published book, obituaries abstracted from the Hartwell Sun 1903-1922, I find a listing for Job Bowers, died Feb. 3, 1905. Any idea which Job this is?


family info

I am a Bowers from Indiana. My family has always been in the fort wayne area.
My Father's name is Larry F Bowers, his Father was Frank M Bowers. I have always wanted to find out more about the origins of my family, if anyone has info. please let me know.
Stacey Bowers


American Union

Several of my ancestors were involved with the American Union Newspaper published in Canon, GA in the 1800s and early 1900s. I have two drawers of type (one lower case and one caps) that were used to print this newspaper. As neither of my kids want these, I am looking for a new home for them. If anyone is interested you can contact me via email at williamdbowers@gmail.com. I also have a fairly good list of Bowers from Job Bowers down through most of Ezra Bowers decendents if anyone is interested.



Family Tree

I am trying to start a family tree, the only problem is I only know my fathers name. Charles Raymond Bowers. My grandmother who has passed remarried before I was born. I never really spoke to that side of the family so I don't know my grandfathers real name. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Jessica Bowers

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Updated list of Bowers sites

Hi All,

Today I posted the updated listing of "Bowers" sites: 1,477 sites! See the full list at All US Sites.



Rick Bowers looking for information on Bancroft Bowers'

I have been able to track our family back through the early 1700's. Contact me and I can forward all information to you. ... Gary

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Hi, Wow great site . I love it...Im Carol (Bowers) Cairns.My family are from upper Michigan. A couple of years ago my aunt gave me this book by the name A HISTORY AND GENEALOGY OF HANS BAUER, BOWER, BOWERS AND HIS DESENDANTS. The dates started 1670 to about 1950's. Lot's of History starting from BAUER's immigrants from Switzerland to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Kansas And Iowa. I have a few pictures. It also tells of how the name BAUER was changed thru the years to BOWERS. Anyone interested please contacted me ccairns12004@yahoo.com

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More on family History?

My Greatgrandfather lived in Walla Walla, WA from around 1900 Until his death in the 30's. He was supposed to be from PA and he was married to Catherine Watson, a Canadian from Scotland. I would like more Family history if somebody know this branch.


Bunyon Bowers

Looking for info. on Bunyon Bowers.


Looking for Charlie Bowers

Hi I'm Hermann from Switzerland. In the early 70ies I met Charlie Bowers in southern Yugoslavia on a campground. He went to Scotland and on his way back he visited me in Switzerland. At that time his adress was: 114 Captain Cook Crez., Griffith, Canberra A.C.T., Australia and he was a student. Does anybody know him or something about him? Maybe you read this Charlie: I still have your recipe of Charliebread.


Bower Family Tree for all to see and enjoy


Everyone please enjoy - This is my family tree. I have a more detailed printed family family tree if you find your that you are a part of my family that I can mail out to you. Please drop me a e-mail.




Just found this site. My father(Phillip Richard) and his brother(John Elliot) and two sisters(Winifred and Phyllis) are from the West Palm Beach, Fl area. I never met my Grandmother(Alice May) and have no info on my grandfather, so far. Just starting to look...mibo1



i found this site one morning.decided to see what i could find.
i know that my family is out of florida,my grandfather his name is normanbowers and he used to or still is driving a truck. my grand mothers name was clara.they had two sons, name robert and gary.that is all the info i have.if anyone has more let me know.curious about my family name


Grandma Copeland

I need more info on her for all I have is that she was married to my grandfather Harry Elmor Bowers. If anyone can help me out here I would appreciate it.


Scot Bowers from Sterling, VA.

My family tree has been researched a bit, my father, Paul Henry Bowers, is from Greensburg, PA. Our family has been in the US over 200 years. They cam from Scotland, but were originally from Ireland.


Family crest

I was doing some research and found that this crest comes from the family of roll. Can anyone explain this to me or is this a seperate crest? the family of roll is a german based crest I believe. I need some info about this... My great great grandmother was a full blooded cherokee indian squaw. Any information on that????? My great great grandfather fought in the civil war and I have his enlistment papers. from that point my family moved to the san louis valley in a covered wagon. our family provided a safe harboring for frank and jesse james....I come from a long line of masons and southern stars. I believe that is common in the Bowers family. Lets just face it being a Bowers means you have been extremely blessed...........hahaha. I have more family history if your interested. My e-mail adress is thewhitelynx@comcast.net



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