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Edward Bowers- Elk and Cameron County, PA.

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Hi All,

I am new to the forum, my name is Heather W. Bowers. I was born in Salem, OR and grew up in Woodburn, OR. I now live in Porterdale, GA. My father was Howard Edward Bowers and he died 7 month's before I was born. His parent's were Joseph Edward BOWERS and Bertha Mae WORTHINGTON. They also passed away before I was born, my father was an only child. Joseph's birth parent's were James Hassan and Mary Lippert from Clearfield County, PA. Joseph was born 21 Sept. 1878 in Clearfield, Clearfield Co., PA., he had four brothers, John, James, Frank and William Hassan. Their father James Hassan was killed in a Coal Mine accident in 1878, a few months before my Grandfather Joseph Edward Bowers was born, his birth name was Charles Augustine Hassen. Their mother Mary Lippert Hassan died shortly after given birth to my grandfather and all 5 boys were put in the St. Joseph Orphenage. I find them all listed in the Orphenage in the 1880 Census of Erie Co., PA.

My grandfather was adopted by Edward and Mary Ann Amholdt BOWERS, shortly after 1880. Edward served in the civil War, here is his service records:

Military Service Record in the Civil War:

Edward Bowers inlisted in the Civil War as a Private under Capt. Conklin's Cav. Co. 56 Reg't NY Vol's. He was 22 years of age when he inlisted 3rd of Sep 1861. Later this company became known as Co. D, 1 Reg't NY Mounted Rifles. On Sep 6, 1865 this reg't became Co. D., 4 Reg't NY Prov'l Cav.

Edward was to serve 3 years but was discharged early on account of a disability on 24th Jan. 1863 at Fort Monroota. (VA). Military discharge papers says he was discharged for deafness in left ear. He was in the hospital for 5 months before he was discharged. Military records show: (Sep 1862- absent, sick in hospital; Oct 1862- absent sick in Craney Island Hospital; Nov 1862 to Jan 1863- Absent, sick in Hosp at Hampton, VA. As you will see further down in my notes, within his pension papers he had an injury while in the Civil War, which was not mentioned in his Discharge parers.

A discription of Edward was given in his Military Records: 23 Years, 5 feet and 9 inches tall; complextion dark; Eyes, Black; Hair- Black; born in Germany; and occupation was of a Farmer.

On the Military Rrecords there are 3 dates given for discharge. I beleive one date is for the actual discharge, one date is from the hospital and one date is the certificate date of discharge. The dates are as follows: Jan 4, 1863, Jan 24, 1863 (Date of actual discharge) and then Jan 29, 1863 (Sergon Certificate date).

Pension Record of the Civil War:

The Pension record states that while he was with his regimant, he was in the process of making a charge, while crossing a Rail Road, his horse stumbled and fell. The Horse fell on top of him, injuring Edward's left side and right leg. Soon after recieving the injuries he was taken to the Regiment at the hospital in Suffolk Co., VA,he remained there about two months. From there he was sent to the Marine Hospital at Norfolk, VA was there about 3 days. Then he was moved to the Hospital at Crany Island, he was there about 3 months. He was then moved to a hospital at Fort Montroota, VA, he was there until his dicharge. (In the Military discharge papers it states he was discharged for deafness, however according to his pension record he was injured due to a horse falling on him.)

According to affidavits of people who knew Edward for several years, reported he was seriously disabled from the war,he had three broken rib's according to one affidavit.

The following is an affidavite from Wm. Hatfield, dated 17 Aug, 1894.

"That he has known Edward Bowers aforesaid since 1874. Has practically known him all the time since. Saw him frequently since 1874. Worked for him a good deal. Edward Bowers was badly disabled from Internal injuries, and pain on his side. He was practically disabled all this time suffering continually all the time from year to year and for some time he has been totally disabled from work, and all on accord of his side of which he complained all the time. "

The following is an affidavit signed by: Adam Wombacker and John Bowers dated 17 Aug 1894:

"That they know Edward Bowers aforesaid. Knew him when he was discharged from the army.He suffered from blood spitting badly. Had three ribs broken when he came home, broken while in the service. Saw him and remembered about it. He stayed there at home about a year and then went to New Jersey about three years, then he went to New York State and then came to Ridgway in 1872. I have known him all this time practically, and since 1872 we have seen him after. He was not totally disabled but nearly so. He worked a little since 1874. He was practically unable to work. The suffereing continued from year to year resulting from the injury to his side. He was discharged in 1863 from disability."

Certificate # 782.821- Feb 6, 1907. His Pension dropped when he died Apr. 29 1911.


Edward had married Mary Ann Amholdt in New York City, New York in 1863. I have not been able to find him on any emigration records, however he was born in Germany and came to the US in the 1847, I am assuming to New York, since that is where he enlisted in the Civil War. I do not know Edward's parent's or sibling names, however a John Bowers signed an affadaivt to his Pension records, see above. I do not know what relation they are to each other.

Edward and Mary did not have any children of their own, atleast none that lived, so they adopted my grandfather Charles Augustine Hassan as a baby and changed his name to Joseph Edward Bowers. My grandfather Joseph, stayed with his parent's in Cameron Co., Pa on the farm until they both died, Edward in 1911 and Mary in 1914. Joseph also had an adopted sister named Cami, who was several years older than him, she had a total of 5 children, according to the 1910 census, but I do not know their names, they were not living with her.

If anyone has any suggestions or have any information, please contact me!

Thank You,


Hi! I just saw your post and thought I would see if you could help me. I am trying to find an Eddie (Edward?) Bowers who had a younger sister named Alma. I know he lived in Texas (Dallas area) in the 1970's but I think they moved there from out of state (I've heard possibly Penn.) He would be anywhere from 47-51 years old now. If this sounds like anyone you know in your family, please let me know. I appreciate any help you can give.

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I wish I could help, but I don't have a alma listed anywhere.

Heather W. Bowers

Hi. I do not know Eddie or Alma, but I know they are actually my half brother and half sister. They also have two more sisters, who are also my half sisters.
I came on this site looking for more info about siblings and cousins I have never met, and found your post. Have you gotten in contact with Eddie?
~Stacey Ann Bowers