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Bowers from Southampton

any one else from southamptom?!


is that Southampton UK? I was born in Portsmouth, though I believe many of my family did hail from just down the M27...
Dave Bowers
(now in Petersfield)


I'm from Portsmouth, UK - my GG Grandmother was Jane Bowers - she was a gypsy - although born in Surrey she had connections with Botany Bay, Sholing. The Bowers lived there in caravans, then moved into bungalows. Jane married James Pannell - their daughter Louisa lived in Farnham in the late 1800's - she lived with her husband and family in a gypsy caravan - until moving into a cottage.

Any connection?

HI Terri,

I was brought up a little along the coast in Sussex, any link do you think?


Hi Joey,

It's quite possible we might be related! There is also a Sussex link with Jane Bowers. Any idea if your family have gypsy links? Mine were linked to Botany Bay - Sholing area of Southampton as well. My Mum's cousin Lavinia Bowers was known as "Queen of the Gypsies", she was cremated in her caravan on the common in the 1930's.

Let me know as much detail as I've got the Bowers family tree going way back. There is also a link with South Carolina with our line - an Arthur Bowers was born there in the 1700's - he then came to England. It is possible that he was then arrested for murder of the Dulwich hermit - but released as someone else confessed!


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Reading your comments, it was great to hear about a connection.
My great grandparents were the 'king and queen of the gypsies.
Would be interested to know who your mum was.
My dad was Frederick, and I know I had several uncles, and aunts.

Hi, my great grandma was Lavinia,'Queen of the Gypsies' and her husband was Noah Bowers, I have just been checking on the birth certificate of my grandfather Fred. Unfortunately he died before I got to know him. His wifes was Louisa, I wasnt very old when she died. Although I do remember she was a very 'stern lady'

hi terri,
i read your post with interest,
My great-great-great grandfather was named Walker/William Bowers, born in Haslemere, Surrey, & one of his daughters, Viletta Bowers was my great-great grandmother, born in Godalming, Surrey. I found a census doc which shows Walker and his Wife Myra had around 8 or 10 children, all born at different locations in Surrey and Hampshire during the early to mid 1800s.
perhaps we may be distantly related?

I think we could be related.. my great grandma's name was Lavinia, she married Noah. Louisa was the name of my grandma, and she married a Frederick Bowers. They lived Botany Bay in caravans, then moved into the bungalows there. They had a large family, my dad was the oldest son. His name was Frederick too.

I was born in Portsmouth,England.I am Denise Bowers,My Fathers'name was Ronald Bowers. He had 3 brothers Alfred,Terry and Brian. He also had a sister named Sylvia. If anyone knows how I can get in touch with them I would appreciate it very much. My father used to work on the Queen Mary in the 50's and then moved to Canada and from there to the U.S. Email address is

Denise - I have sent Ronnie's merchant navy history to your Email address - hopefully it still exists after thisl length of time. Phil

Hello- I'm new to this site, but also born in Portsmouth. Although my name is Bower, I have found a branch of the family who called themselves Bowers- though from Lancashire/Manchester area.

I am son of Antony Bowers who is son of Vernon Bowers and we are all from Royton: perhaps we are the bowers family you speak of...?

My GG Grandparents were William Walker Bowers and Maria James. Their son, William (Billy) married twice, firstly to Selina (surname unknown) and then Patience (surname unknown). Billy and Patience were the parents to my Grandmother, Louisa.

I am trying to trace the family beyond Walker and Maria. If anyone has any information, I would be extremely grateful. In particular, I am interested to know where the Bowers originally came from. I believe the Grandfather of Walker Bowers may have lived on Guernsey, but cant be certain.