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Henry Robertson 'Birdie' BOWERS

My name is Jason Bowers and I live in Arley, Nr Kidderminster, England. I have been trying to find information about my family tree. My Mothers side have been doing this since 1990 and have gathered an huge amount of information, so I have been trying to do the same for my fathers side.

One other reason for doing this is that my great grandfathers -brother is supposidly Leutenant Henry Robertson Bowers - Birdie Bowers who went with Robert Falcon Scott on the Terra Nova expidition to the pole in 1910 - 1913 and I have been trying to confirm this. I have seen many photo's of Henry and I can confirm a distinct resemblene as I have the Bowers family nose (hence the nickname 'Birdie' due to his long defined nose).

I would welcome any information at all, I will but below information that may help.

Me: Jason Harold William Bowers.
Born 17.04.1969
My Father: Barrie Bowers.
Born 01.11.1938 Salford, Manchester. Died 19.09.2002.
My Grandfather: Harold Bowers.
Born 1919 Manchester. Died 1995.

I know its a little week but I have only just started this project and this seems like the ideal site.

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Hi Henry,

Welcome! Actually, I don't know that this is the BEST place to start a search, but it is certainly one place... Make sure you check out the Research page. I have seen some sites such as, the Bower(s)/Bauer(s) Family Genealogy Forums and the Bower Homestead which have thousands of people and quite a bit of material to read through. The Bower Homestead of a bit confusing to navigate, but quite inciteful.

Good Luck!

-Ray Bowers

Jason, I recently read Alexander Bowers was Birdie's father. Is this helpful?

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hi jason my names karl and recently my father told me about henry robertson bowers who apparently is a close relation to my fathers side of the family by looking at photos & reading about the discription of the man there are simularities to my father e.g 'family nose' so im quite interested in finding out much more about my family. we believe that my grandfather was henry's cousin.
so if you could help we would be very grateful

below is some information about if it helps?

Me: Karl Kevin Bowers
Date of Birth: 17/01/1984
My Father: Kevin Bowers
Date of Birth: 17/03/1952
My Grandfather: George Bowers 1902-1962

Hi Jason and Karl,
My name is Tim White and I live in Western Australia. My maternal grandmother was Florence Evelyn Brown (nee Bowers) who was the daughter of Lt Henry (Birdie) Bowers who was indeed one of the party accompanying Robert Falcon Scott to the South Pole in 1912. I just recently saw a fascinating documentary on tv about the discovery and preservation of Scott's hut in the Antarctic in which 'Birdie' featured quite prominently. This has rekindled my interest in learning more about him others of his family. I would appreciate any contact through this website to find out more or to add to the pool of knowledge myself.

Hello Jason,

I realise it has been a very long time since you posted this, so not sure if you will see this....

My name is Audrey Long. I was brought up in FairOak (near Winchester), Hampshire. My grandmother was Phyllis Bowers (married names, Long and then Heardman). My father is Michael Long. My grandmother's last address was in Southsea, near Portsmouth in the south of England. My father tells me that Henry Bowers was related to my grandmother in some way. I can't tell (yet) if she was his niece. I do not believe she was his daughter. My grandmother passed away in 1982 at the age of 65 when I was 16. My father lives just outside Southampton in Hampshire. It would be interesting to see if your great grandfather is indeed related to my grandmother.

Lally Bowers (related somehow to my grandmother and about 2-3 years older than my grandmother, so possibly her sister or cousin) was a famous actress ( My father says Lally Bowers was his aunt.

You might find some additional useful information here:

My details:
Name: Audrey Long
Born: 28 March 1966
My father: Michael Ronald Donald Long
Born: 30 June 1936
My Grandfather: not exactly sure - my father will know - grandfather from Burma somehow!

Hopefully, this is helpful.