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Welcome to the Bowers Forum...

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This is Ray Bowers. I started back in the mid 90's and I have been saying for years that I wanted to revamp the site and make it more interactive... Well, I finally did it.

This area is for people to post messages regarding anything Bower(s)-Bauer(s) related, such as:

  • Genealogy - Want to talk family trees? need help establishing family connections? tips on where to go to research your roots?
  • In Search Of... - Need help searching for a specific person? Ask here. Let's keep it Bower(s)/Bauer(s) related please... Sorry, no asking for "Miss Right" here!
  • Family Crests - As in the family coast-of-arms, not the tooth paste... If you have a copy of yours and some information on its origins, please post it here!
  • Bowers Locations - Spot any towns, streets, rivers, mountains or other Bowers locations around the world? Let us know!
  • Family Reunions - Information on Bowers Family reunions.
  • or, feel free to post if you just want to say Hi and where you're from!

    Hopefully the improved organization and interactivity will spruce things up a bit. Let me know if you have any questions or ides on how to improve it!

    As for Rules, well, I have not written any Rules yet (and hope I do not have to)... So for now, let's just say, have fun, play nice and let's not have any spam or other junk mail here.


    -Ray Bowers

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