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Soon after I set up, I started to get e-mails from people just to say "Hi, I am a Bowers too!". Then over time, as the internet really started to help people network and research their family tree, I started to get e-mails asking, "Are we related" or "I lost track of ____, do you have any information on him/her?"

I eventually set up a Guest Book so people could post their enquiries and let other people read through them. However, the guest book got to be quite bit after a while and information was buried in there with no chance of anyone finding what they were looking for.

With the new system installed in April 2005, hopefully it will be easier to search and reply to messages of people "In Search Of..." other Bowers. Plus, I have set it up to search engine friendly, so that soon Google and other major search engines should index these pages so someone doing a search from anywhere on the net should be able to find things here.

So, check out the messages here and do not forget to search the Old Guest Book entries for the hundreds of posts from 1998-2001. Folks from all over the world signed in to say Hi.

-Ray Bowers