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My aunt Mary O'Sullivan (born Jullunder, India, 1890) married Clifford Bowers (b. 1883) and eventually in 1925/26 emigrated with him from England to Fremantle in Western Australia, setting up a farm about 250 miles north of there, and eventually dying in Perth in 1963. They had two sons, Pat Bowers (b. 1917) who inherited their farm and later retired to Perth himself, and Tony Bowers (b. 1919) who founded a timber business in Sydney. We European relations have lost touch. I have been researching the family's history for a while, and am keen to re-establish contact with the Australian family.


Clifford Bowers was my great grandfather, his son Tony or Antony was my grandfather he died about four years ago. I’m the youngest Daughter of his son Timothy Lee Bowers, here in Western Australia.
As far as I know or was told by Tony his father was the youngest in the Bowers family at the time in England, Clifford was given his part of his inheritance of the old Comb factory that the Bowers Family owned back in those days.

Clifford was given money by his mother instead of a partnership in the factory which allowed him to travel the world and he Married Mary. They moved to New Zealand and owned a farm there for a while. There Mary had her two sons Patrick and Antony, but Clifford ran out of money and returned home to England to ask his mother for more money. But Clifford had spent his inheritance and that was that, this split the Bowers family. So Clifford and his family lived in England and they became very poor, to the point I remember my Grandfather telling me the most they could afford to eat was Flour, butter and raisings his mother used to cook up into dumpling. So the emigration to Australia was put into effect.

They moved to Western Australia to start a new life without the family feud, then Patrick inherited the new family farm and Tony join the Second Second Commando's to help save Australia from the Japanese threat in WW2. When he returned home and he was given an axe to make out a living. He founded the Old mill.(( The Mill is here in Wa)) In the end he would Met and Marry Carol Hart the love of his life. At the Mill they had four children in a very small wooden house with no running water. The house was made up of one bed room, one bath room and a small fire place. It wasn’t long when Carol had enough of the small house and Tony bought a farm Called Lagar Downs about 15 minutes out of small country town called Kojonup.

That same farm my father Timothy now owns with his wife Janice Rout and his four children Emma, Jamie, Mark and Myself Caroline. We are all grown up now but that’s a little of the family history that I know of, I know very little or nothing of the family that are left in England which is sad for me I would like to know my Roots and where I come from.

As for the old mill my Grandfather give to his brother inlaw to stop some kind of fighting in Carol's family. I wish we still owned it.

Caroline Bowers
I’m 24 years of age and I live in Western Australia.