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I have recently found out that my fathers name was Larry Clay Bowers from Detriot, MI. I dont think at this point it is a coincidence, and I believe we may be related. Let me know, I knwo you havent posted since 1999, but hoping you check this in the next couple of years...


Hi Aaron,

Yes my father is Larry Clay Bowers from Detroit.

Let me know how I can help you.


Hi Kevin;

My dad was Bob Bowers so I know that we are cousins. I haven't had much contact with Dad's side of the family so I am not up on who's who. I did meet your Dad when I was very young. I even worked with him as a carpenters helper once. I don't think I was any good because I only lasted that one day.

Anyway, greetings.

Bob Bowers

Just letting you know I am Kevin in Canada's sister Lori. I was born in Detroit Michigan and am sure it is not a likely your Larry Clay Bowers is a different one than yours. If I can help at all let me know and wishing you well in your pursuit of info on our dad.

Larry Bowers is my uncle. His brother Bobby Joe Bowers my father. Their mother was named Birdie Bell Serrat (sp?). Please make contact