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Cora Bowers-Richmond/Caroline Co. Virginia

Greetings. Like so many others posting to this forum I'm searching for information about the Bowers family. The research I've conducted to date confirms that my earliest American ancestors entered the country through Jamestown/James City, Virginia in the mid 1600's. Many settled in present day Caroline County/Greater Richmond, Virginia.

I am searching for information about Cora Bowers (b. 1875?) who I believe was married to a son of Charles Ellis Bowers (b. 1846 - d.1898). There are census records confirming that Cora lived in Richmond/Henrico Co. Virginia in 1910 and was apparently widowed by that time.

I am related to the Bowers family through my mother. She is Ann Tilghman Bowers Rodgers. Her father was Wilton Alwyn Bowers, Jr and his father was Wilton Alwyn Bowers, Sr originally from Caroline Co. Virginia.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


William Allan Rodgers, Jr


Hehe I guess I am a little late. I shot over to to look through the records there and up popped your family tree with Cora Ferguson married to Frederick B Bowers. Did you learn everything you were looking for or are you still hunting for information? If you are still on the hunt let me know and I will search as well maybe an additional set of eyes will help.

Take Care
Tom Fox