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BOWERS family in Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio area

My grandfather was Frederick Wylie Bowers born in Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio area about 1896 or 1898. His mother's maiden name was Wylie. He had a sister Mildred. He married Edna Conrad who was also from that area and born in 1899. My grandfather and grandmother moved to Springfield, Ohio early in their marriage and had 10 children. He worked for many years at Crowell Collier Publishing in Springfield until his death in 1955. Does anyone have any information on my grandfather. I cannot find any thing on Grandpa or even Grandma. Please help me if you know anything.


Hi! I live in Springfield,Ohio, and have Bowers as distant relatives. I haven't connected your grandparents to my family yet;but on May 22,2010, a daughter of Fred and Edna(Conrad) Bowers died. She still has a brother living in Springfield. If you go to the following you can get her obituary. They have it listed under two names: Mary Jane Bowers,and Martha Jane Bowers. I hope this can help you.

Yes, that Mary Jane or Martha Jane Bowers you saw in Springfield obits was my aunt. I have all that info just cannot find info on Grandma Edna other than her mother and she always said her father was Sherman Conrad but I have not found anything on him. My Grandpa Bowers ' family s also a mystery.