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Canadian Bowers connection ?

Not sure if this is the proper venue to request information about family line.
My father was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1906.
No record seems available of that birth.
Later his family moved to Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.
I do not know for certain the name my grand mother prior to marriage.
I believe it to have been Saul.
John Bowers and (possibly Violet ?) Saul had two children Jack Garnet Bowers, and Violet Bowers.
Family separated around 1914...Mother and daughter migrated to Port Credit, Ontario, Canada.
Jack Garnet Bowers was put in foster care with family named Whitey or Whitney shortly after family split apart.
Am trying to find anyone who might be remotely related or familiar with that family.
Thanks for any help you may supply
Russ Bowers


Am also wondering if anyone know/has Bowers relatives from Canada who worked on or for the railroad
during the early 1900's. There was a violent railroad strike broken up by the army the year my father was
born (1906), and many railroad workers left the Toronto area for other parts in search
of safer employment.
Also I am trying to find out if boats from England came regularly during the late 1800's and early 1900's
bringing immigrants to Canada.
I've been able to ascertain that a goodly number of people named Bowers and Saul migrated from the u.k.
to Canada, but haven't been able to nail down which wave brought my ancestors.
Russ Bowers