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Bowers Family from Texas

I am looking for Bowers' from the Panhandle area of Texas, specifically Wheeler, Texas. I heard stories all of my life about the ranches in that area that my grandfather talked about working on all of his young life in the early part of the 1900's before joining the CCC. His name was Bedford Forrest Bowers. I don't know his parents names.
Ring any bells for anyone? I am mostly looking to locate the ranches.
D Darwin


I am a Bowers decendant. I think I may have the information you are looking for. I have Isaac Newton bowers as father of Bedford Forrest Bowers. I have an article that was given by Isaac Newton about life growing up in that area. I have several cousins from that family line.
Please contact me,
Connie Bowers McDonald
Houston, Texas

I believe that the comment by Connie Bowers McDonald is correct. Bedford Forrest Bowers was the son of Issac Newton Bowers, and his father was Adam Bowers, who was also my ggg grandfather. They moved to Texas from Tennessee. I understand that either Issac, or his son Ike, was the sheriff in Mobeetie, a town in the Panhandle in the late 1800's. There is a lot of information about this family line on the Rootweb website.

I am Bedford Forrest (Frost) Bowers son and the grandson of Issac Newton-would like to establish contact so I can answer your questions-i just became aware of this site

Frosty was what he was called and his brothers and sisters called him Fats

My ggg grandfather was Adam Bowers, Isaac Bowers father. My gg grandfather was Thomas P. Bowers, Isaac's brother, who settled in Paris Texas. I have attached a link that another distant relative, also decended from Adam, that sent to me. It is a picture of Isaac's father. You may have seen it before, but if not I hope you enjoy. I would like to know more about Thomas Bowers if anyone has any info. Thanks. Louise Bowers Watkins