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Bowers family in Pennsylvania

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Posted by Brian Bowers,, ( on March 01, 2004 at 03:44:35:

Hello I am researching my family line and have gotten as far as My Great Great Grandfather Cyrus Bowers born July 14 1817 in Union County Pennsylvania and died May 5th 1894 in Lindsey, OH in Sandusky county he married Catherine Catherman they had 11 children including my Great Grandfather James Carroll Bowers. I cannot find any information for parents of Cyrus and just wanted to see if anyone may have ties to my family line, Please feel free to email me with any info thanks.


Are you sure of the dates for Cyrus? I have his date of birth of 1816-1889. Let me tell you what I know, so you can tell me if this is the right person. Hans Bauer immigrated to the USA from Switzerland with his wife Anne Willner. They fled the country because they were being prosecuted for being Mennonites. One of their childrens names was Abraham W. Bauer (1712-1760) Huntingdon Co.,PA. Abraham had three sons, Abraham Bauer, Jr., Samuel E. Bauer and Jacob E. Bauer. Samuel E. Bauer was married to Lydia Sauers. They had eleven children. They were Cyrus S. Bowers, Ann Bowman, Harriet Barber, Louisa Bowman, Isaac S. Bowers, Elizabeth Eby, William S. Bowers, Jacob S. Bowers, Levi S. Bowers, Samuel S. Bowers and Lovina Helborn. Now here is the tricky part. In your statement you write Cyrus Bowers was born in Union County, PA and Died in Lindsey, Ohio. The information I have is that Abraham Jr was buried in the Grove Union Cemetery. I have Samuel E. in Northumberland County after the Indians drove the family off there land, But all of his children including Cyrus were last known in Kitchener, Ont. I almost forgot to tell you. Cyrus had eight children: Rev. John Bowers, Jacob Bowers, Solon Bowers, Matilda Eby, Joseph Bowers, Marie Shantz and Malinda Bollert.

Noelbowers, I was wondering what your sources are regarding the father of Samuel Bowers as we have conflicting information.

The information I have been given by another Bower(s) researcher which appears to be confirmed by other sources indicates Samuel Bowers’ father was Moses Bowers Jr. Here is the information we have:

1) Samuel’s grave marker - - located at the First Mennonite Cemetery in Kitchener, ON indicates that he died 17 Apr 1855 and was 63 years, 1 month and 22 days old at the time of his death which gives him a date of birth of 26 Feb 1792.
2) The 1851 census for Waterloo Twp, Waterloo County, Ontario gives Samuel’s birth date as 26 Feb and says he will be 60 years old on his next birthday. As the 1851 census wasn't actually started until Jan 1852 that would make Samuel's year of birth 1792.
3) According to the Church Records: Selected Areas PA 1600-1800 CD by Broderbund, there was a Samuel Bower born 26 Feb 1792 in Berks County, PA to Moses Bower Jr. and Barbara Friederich.

The information I have indicates Samuel Bowers was born in Berks County, PA, then moved to Northumberland County, PA before he and his family emigrated to Canada in 1825. I haven’t checked earlier census but Samuel and his children are on the 1851 census in Waterloo County, Ontario.

I know Ezrz E. Eby stated in at least one book that Samuel's father was Abraham and his grandfather Hans however numerous errors have been found in Eby's books so I tend to believe the other sources over his book.

I have been able to trace my Bowers line back to William S. Bowers born abt 1800 in Pennsylvania. He marries Eleanor Irwin and they move to Ohio. Do you have these individuals in your tree. Any info would help.