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Searching for my roots

Hi Bowers community, I really hope someone would be able to assist me. I am trying to trace my roots so to speak and have hit a bit of a wall in that the patriachs are no longer with us. I am trying to trace the origins of Matthew Attwood Bowers who arrived in Cape Town on a British Naval vessel (from delivering supplies to St. Helena Island). He had a son - Daniel Attwood Bowers - my grandfather, who first married Evelyn Ross and later Gwendoline Pond (my gran). Somewhere along the line a Henry Bowers features, however I am not too sure where he fits in.

Any assistance in this regard or a pointer in any direction would be appreciated.


William Attwood Daniel Bowers

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Persuant to my initial post - Matthew Attwood Bowers arrived in Cape Town, South Africa, sometime between 1915 and 1920. Also I am not sure if my grandfather had children with Evelyn Ross (Bowers), his first wife, if he had could any of them also drop me a message.

William Bowers
Cape Town
South Africa