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godamin surrey

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hi there i am trying to trace any bowers that where born in godamin in surrey or guildford my granparents where born there so was i trying to trace any other family


hi there, my grandparents and farther also come from guilford!my birthday is feb 1966!!!!

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hi there thanks for you reply my fathers name is paul bowers he had 3 brothers david rodney and terry
who all still live in guildford surrey

hi ,all i no is rodney travels round the world with his job, i did get to meet my real grandparents and im so glad i did! as they have both passed away now, mind u there seems to b alot of the same names mentioned through the generations! i c u have the date marc1066 does that stand 4 march? as my birth date is feb 10 66 anyway good to talk!!!!

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hi there my grand parents both past away in godamin surrey they both lived in a bungalow i never realey got to see them that much about 4 times i think my grandfather looked a bit like captin birdseye being in the navey most of his life i used 1066 because i found my father in hastings so that why i use 1066 being the battle of hastings