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Please help.
The only FACTS that I have:
My grandmother's (GLADYS BOWERS - born 1903 in SA) birth certificate reflects THOMAS JOSPEH BOWERS as her father.
I also have the marriage certificate of THOMAS JOSPEH BOWERS who married FRANCES WEBSTER in the Roman Catholic Church, Port Elizabeth, South Africa on the 05/01/1903.
I have searched the UK and SA sites for records of birth and death records, all family tree sites and no one has this Bowers.
He may have been born around 1875 (not sure where) - he was definately in South Africa from at least 1900 - 1911... and according to not such reliable "stories" he at some stage during these years left for the UK to play cricket. (County ?). My grandmother talked of her journey on the ship to the UK and attended school in Kent before returning to South Africa.
Any help or suggestions please.