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BOWERS: Springhill, Fayette, PA ca 1800s


My gr-gr-gr-grandfather (David Bowers) was born in Springhill, Fayette, PA in 1817. His obituary suggests that he lived there his entire adult life, but US Census data suggests he lived briefly in Monongalia, WV. He went to church at the Forks of Cheat Baptist Church in WV as well. He died in 1871 and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in Springhill, along with his wife Hannah.

I cannot seem to track down who his parents are and am looking for help/suggestions! Joseph Bowers (b1790) had a LARGE family (11 children) in Springhill. I suspect David may be his son, but I can only confirm the identities of six of his children. Interestingly, the grandson of Joseph Bowers (George Bowers b 1851) and his wife Caroline are both buried next to David in the Oak Grove Cemetery.

It is possible that Annie Barbara (aka Barbara) Bowers (d 1863), the wife of Joseph H Bowers (who died in 1846), may have left a will. Does anyone know how I could go about tracking that down?

Thanks in advance!

Nancy Bowers