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Just saying hello!

My name is Megan and i have lots of Bowers family. I originally came to this site due to a girl looking for her biological parents. But this is really neat. I had no idea this site exsisted. My family members are mostly from West Texas, but some live closer. We dont see eachother much, but family is family! My mother's maiden name was Jeana Bowers and her fathers name is Johnny Bowers.


Hi Meagan, This is your Aunt Sharron. I am your grandfather's sister. Where are you and how can I reach you? I am putting together a family history and need some information on you and Christen and Logan. Hope to hear from you soon.

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Hello Bowers community. My name is Willie(William) Bowers from the Dallas area. My dad is John William Bowers, and his mother was Ola D. Bowers. (before she passed away unfortunately in 1999). I don't know a lot of the other family members. I only know my dad's sister's: Sue and Shirley. And, his brother Dan. Shirley has been researching the family history, but I don't know how far she's gotten. I am going to contact her soon. Well, i hope everyone is having a great take. Take care all.
Willie Bowers

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The next to last sentence should say great "day" not great "take". I don't know where that came from. It must have been a long day at work. lol.

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Also, my wife reminded me to put my Grandfather on the Bowers side. I almost forgot because I never knew him. Unfortunately, He passed away before I was born. Anyhow, his name was John A. Bowers, but my dad said everyone always called him "Jack". Jack Bowers.
Willie Bowers

Hello Megan I too am from West Texas originally. I ws adopted at birth, but believe my last name was Bowers. I was born in Odessa, Texas in 1947. Anyone with info. please reply, looking for family.

I too stumbled across this site. I am looking for relatives that go back to the Bowers/Cavender generations, starting with Lorton Bowers and Grace Cavender. Also if anyone knows a Charles Stokes thats also a few generations back. Well, There you go. Hope to hear from someone soon.

Sincerely, Guy