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Searching for a Bowers

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hi i was born and adopted in austin, texas and apparently my last name was bowers. just searching for my biological parents and siblings. if anyone knows anything let me know!
thanks :)
Christina Eileen


Hello my name is Megan. My mom's and my maiden name was Bowers. When I was two she gave a little girl up for adoption in the Fort Worth, TXarea. I have some questions for you and maybe I can help. If you dont mind? I am very excited to hear from you. When is your birthday? How old are you? And if you are who I hope you are, are you sure your ready to find out more. I would love to hear from you. I know this must be really difficult and exciting at the same time. Waiting patiently!!!


My Grandfather, Gordon Jack Bowers, went by several names. I knew him as Grandpa Jack. He was secretive about his past. He told my grandmother and her family, in Los Angeles, that. He was from Ohio, but later recounted stories of a childhood in Texas. He was from a large family and they were Pig farmers. he was Catholic and there may be records from a church somewhere in the Fort Worth area. He tells a lot of stories, and we are not sure what is true. He did leave home as a child or young teenager. It is rumored that his mother died at a young age and that his father killed himself (?). At 12 or13 yrs of age, nearing the end of WWI, he tried to enlist with the army and was thrown out of the recruiting offices several times for being too young. He made up an alias and lied about his age until he was finally accepted and was overjoyed to be getting 3 meals a day! He was part of the American occupation in Germany. He had a German lover there, and remebered her fondly to us. Upon his return and discharge from the Army, he was again on his own. He was hungry and poor and rode the rails to get around, sharing food with other hobos. He won money by boxing and gambling. He mastered the art of throwing dice. At some point, he worked at Yosemite National Park, maybe cooking? Groundskeeping? And participated in making the firefall. In late summer when the waterfall was dry, they would build a large fire at the top, and push the coals over at night in a spectacular firefall for the visitors. He also lived somewhere in Seattle for a time, but found the rain intolerable and came back to Los Angeles. My grandmother had children from four different men. He was the second. She changed my fathers last name to Graham (the current husband) and my father did not know Jack was his dad for several years. Jack worked in Los Angeles for a trucking company and delivered film for the movie theatres. He then took over franchise on a Cheveron gas station in Santa Monica. He had a magnetic personality and rubbed elbows with stars and directors in the film business. He attended boxing matches with his pal, the owner of the trucking company... More later

During the time he had the gas station in Santa Monica, he was known as John Bowers. He lived there until his mid sixties when his hip broke and my mother took him in to live with us up in San Jose. I believe he was 72 when he died and I think it was 1983. I do not know what happened to his siblings or the farm. I know he was a decorated soldier. He was unable to collect veterans benefits, however, because he went into the army under an assumed name. He never told us much about his early life, so this is all I know. He had blue eyes and brown hair, very handsome with a squared dimpled chin and a great smile. Anyone know of his family?