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Romany Roots

Hello, I am trying to find any information from any Bowers in the Portsmouth UK area. Does anyone recognize the name Henry Bowers, I was told that he at one time chopped down a neighbours front door with an axe. He married a woman named Edith. He would have had 4 sons Ronald, Alfred, Terry and Brian also a daughter Sylvia. Thank you to all who read this. Denise Bowers


Denise - Your Grandfathers name is in fact George (Henry) Bowers who married a Edith Maude. Alfred is in fact Edwin, but was called Alfie. I have a photograph of your Great Grandfather Alfred Bowers (born 1873) with his six children. My Grandmother is in the photo. If your mum Monica is still alive she may still remember my mother Sheila (now 85). I did send you a copy of Sylvia's birth certificate to the Email address you gave previously, but no reply as yet. I look forward to you making contact. Phil

For most of my life I knew nothing about my family. I was lucky enough to be found by my cousin.
We have exchanged emails, I now know more about my family than I ever thought I would.
For those of you still looking for a connection don't give up, it happened to me.

Just look at the post under this one