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Bower (s) & Coal Mining, PA

Hi all. I am just starting out researching my DH's maternal side. His grandmother is Hazel Bower (no s, but she knows there are/were s's) and I cannot get any info from her and what I have is temporarily MIA. It is difficult to get info from family when they don't care about their ancestors.

I know she was born c 1915, Shamokin, PA and her father died in a coal mining accident. She was about 14-16 years old when that happened. So it would have happened in the late 20's I think or around there.

Does anyone have any info on coal mining accidents and death lists? The biggies are mentioned but I don't think this was one of those. She does not give out any info since it breaks her heart to even talk about it.

I obviously have no idea what his name is or any other information, but am trying to get it all together. Thanks



I found out more info on my DH's great-grandfatherwho died in a 1927 coal mine explosion. Married to Beulah B. Schreffler. That side of the family we have a lot of info on, just none on Lloyds. I believe they lived in Shamokin, PA.