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researching Bowers family history

my romany grandfather was Frederick Bowers who sadly passed away in August 2007 after only knowing him since november 2006 after he had parted from my grandmother some 40 years ago and had'nt been seen or heard of until november 2006. i do know that he was born in Dudley near Birmingham and also had lived in nine mile ride wokingham. the people i am looking for information about is his father Walter Bowers who was born litchmere common, Hampshire and married Rose Maria Bennett in 1919 in Top Church, Dudley. Walters mothers name was Helen Bowers who was born Ulswater in the lake district as rumour has it Helen Bowers married a man called Walter Kittles and that he took on her name and became Walter Bowers. i know from my research so far that romany bowers's seemed to be living in Dudley, Berkshire and Hampshire areas. are there any romany bowers's that reconise any of the four mentioned people. if anybody can help me on my research i would be very grateful.