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Gypsy Bowers

Good grief!
My grandfather always said that there was a Bowers Queen of the Gypsies. Never understood what he meant or really believed it.
I live in Poole (UK) although my Bowers line goes back to Fareham area.



my great-great grandmother was gypsy viletta bowers, from surrey, uk.
maybe we're distant relatives!

Hi just came across your post about the Quen of the Gypsies. It is true.

12 February 1932 obituary
Gypsy Queen's Last Wish
Mrs Lavinia Bowers nee Barney died aged 75 and in accordance with her last wishes the gipsies of Botany Bay, Sholing, Southampton burned her caravan and possessions on the common at Botany Bay. Except when she was on the road she spent all her days at Botany Bay. Her family established the gipsey colony there 100 years ago. Widow of Noah Bowers, known as Chalky and since he died almost 20 years ago, she had been regarded as head of the colony.

from Jackie Blackman`s site


Hi, I've just found this site and great it is too. My name is Vince Bowers, born in Sholing (Southampton) and being closely related to the Botany Bay settlers of (I think) the mid to late 19th century. I beleive my family line descends directly through Noah & Lavinia, however as children we were always told that we were Travellers as opposed to Gypsies

Regarding Lavinia there was a certain publication called 'Bygone Days' centred Sholing in which there is a photograph of Lavinia 'Queen of the Gypsies' at the entrance of her Romany Caravan (as well as many other photos of the Botany Bay families). This photo (and many others) is actually in the posession of my Uncle, Kenny Bowers still living in Sholing


Hi Vince,
Lavinia was my great Grandmother, she is buried in Sholing Church. Noah, her husband is buried there too.
My father was Frederick Richard Bowers. First born son to Louisa and Frederick Bowers. Both my parents are dead now.
Dad married Doris Holland, and moved away from Sholing. Although my Mum and Dad only had me, and I was not able to carry the 'Bowers' name on. I made sure that my children and I were proud of our 'name'.
I wish had taken note of the finder details, when Dad and I talked about his life and his 'roots', because I believe its important to know who you are and where your roots originated from.

You father might recall the names. I do remember Mum and Dad speaking about a Kenny, but as you probably know, it was tradition for there to be more than one person in the family to have the same name, especially the eldest.