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hiya im actually from Botany Bay Road! i am 16 years old and have lived here my whole life.
There are still people from the bowers family living here.Im afraid to say there is not many of them left because the majority of them are old now.
My dad is relations to the family and we are all very close.
when i looked up " gypsies in Southampton it was very nice to see the road i live in to come up and to see some of the comments that people have left about them being relations or maybe thinking they are!
I am glad that there are still members or partial members of the bowers family left.


hi debbie,
i have recently started a family tree, & tho my mum said her grandfather was a gypsy, i only discovered recently that his mother was a bowers. she was born in surrey, & her father was born in haslemere, although i discovered that they travelled a lot & had children born in portsmouth, as well as all around the surrey/guildford area.
my great-great grandmother was viletta bowers and her father was walker/william bowers.
best wishes, paula b