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J. T. Bowers, US Navy

Trying to learn about a J.T. Bowers who served in the US Navy (probably as an officer). I have an artifact inscribed J.T.Bowers, USN that was made about 1905. I have found a John T. Bowers, Jr. that apparently served from 1928 until at least the end of WWII, and commanded a couple of ships (USS Sands and USS Schroeder) in the war. It is possible that he acquired the artifact used and had it inscribed in or after 1928, but I have been told that he came from a Navy family, and I'm wondering if his father, who obviously would have been John T. Bowers, Sr., might have been in the Navy? If so, his timing would have been about right to have acquired or been given the artifact new. I know this is a long shot effort, but I'd appreciate anything anyone might know that would help me identify J.T. Bowers, USN.