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A Bowers in Southampton

Hi I live in Southampton, England.

I have Romany roots [on my father side] and are very proud of them. My great Grandfather was Noah [Chalkie] Bowers
and my Grandmother was Lavinia [King and Queen of the Gypsies]

I am just starting a family tree, with the help of my son. Just wish I had done it while my parents were alive. It would have been much easier and much more fun.


hi, i know what you mean,
my aunt recently passed away,
we had recently got talking about our family history, & i am now spurred on as a testament to her, to find out. tho it is hard work, & i didn't have much to go on!
my mother's grandad was a gypsy, his mother was viletta bowers, and her father (my gr8-gr8-gr8-grandad) was walker/william bowers.
they travelled mostly around the surrey area, but did at times stay in & around the portsmouth area, and some of viletta's siblings were born in that area.
up to now, that is about as much as i know! best wishes, paula b

hi, i only joined yesterday! carnt beleave there are so many bowers, my family ie, grandparents lived in surrey guildford farncombe all round there my uncles and other famil still do, i was adopted as a baby my real farthers name is rodney bowers he did live in australia, but travels round the world with his job, im really enjoying all the stories so interesting good to talk. diana

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hi there my name is marc bowers i was born in godamin surrey near guildford my gran parents live there all there life and i remember some family members who where Travelers camping up on the green in godamin