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Bunyon Bowers

Looking for info. on Bunyon Bowers.


Are you looking for Bunyon Bowers, son of William Franklin and Christiana Cheek Bowers, b. 14 Feb 1853, d. 7 Aug 1930, and m. Safronia Holbrook 26 Jan 1877?

Thank you very much. Bunyan is my great, great, grandfather on my mothers side. I'm new at this and would love more info. on this line of Bowers.
Thanks again and hope to here more.

I have quite a lot of info on this line. What do you want to know? I will be glad to share all I have.

Oh my, where do I start?
My name is John Johnson the son of Judith Diane Hill which was J.C.'s daughter. She passed away in 1996 and I've just been interested in more of my family history. I would be thrilled with any and all you would like to share. Pic's, copiesof papers, etc. Also, are you familier with any of the reunions that took place in Bowersville? My brother,mother and uncle Fred Hill went to a 100th B'day for a "uncle Maceo" (sp?) some years ago and my brother and I wasn't sure how he fit in.
Again thanks for your time,

Bunyon and Safronia had 8 children, Bessie, 1877-1921. m. William T. Townsend; Ansley H. 1879-1967, m. Alma Heaton; Irene 1881-1967, m. Noah W. Grant (Macio's parents), m. Silas Cannon; Ton B. 1886-1962, m. Mary Elbert Jones; Lula 1888-1965, m. John McLendon, m. Judge Roy Lambert; Waco Texas 1888-1962, m. Alice Williams; Dallas 1892-1951, m. Carlton Hill; Eudonna 1896-1984, m. Roselle Adams. I find you in my data base, but no siblings, spouse, or children. Would you share your info with me? Do you need info on ancestors of Bunyon? He was son of William F. "Uncle Billy" Bowers, a colorful persona in Franklin and Hart Co. Ga. history.

I have one brother Robert C. Johnson.
I married Meredith Woodruff and we have a son named Cooper Nathaniel. Yes, I do need info on Bunyons ancestors. I've got a great picture of Bunyon I found some time back. By the way, are we some how related?

Bunyon's father was William Franklin Bowers, first son of Job and Elizabeth Ballenger Bowers. Job had 13 children, I am decended from Byron Bowers, 8th child, and John M. Bowers, 13th child. I live at Canon. Job lived outside Canon on the old stage route, and had one of the first post offices in the area at his stage stop. After the civil war, he had to obtain a pardon from the president in order tohold the job of postmaster. I have the original pardon, and I have some copies of it. Job was the son of William and Polly Cox Bowers. William and Polly also had 13 children. William was the son of Job Bowers and Charity ? Job was born in Va. in 1755, and killed by the tories in what then was Wilkes Co, Ga. in 1778 (or 79) when he came home on furlough form the colonial army to see his new-born son, William. Job, William, and Polly are buried at OLd Hendry's cemetery in Hat Co. Charity then married Samuel Karr and moved to Coweta County about 1832, and lived to be nearly 100. I have a lot of info I can print out for you if you would like. According to the relationship calculator, we are 3rd cousins, twice removed. Whew! I have talked to your uncle Randy about the family, and he and I have often said we will get together and share info. I have pictures of Bunyan's father William, and his father Job.

That's good stuff.
I would love a copy of the pardon and pictures if you have them. Like I said before, I'm trying to gather all the info. I can so I can put together a book for my son.
Not sure about the uncle Randy you mentioned.

You can contact me at 706-245-0245 after 6:30 PM, or send me your snail mail address and I will mail you some stuff.

Randy is your cousin, not uncle, son of Jack , who is brother to John Carlton.