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Family crest

I was doing some research and found that this crest comes from the family of roll. Can anyone explain this to me or is this a seperate crest? the family of roll is a german based crest I believe. I need some info about this... My great great grandmother was a full blooded cherokee indian squaw. Any information on that????? My great great grandfather fought in the civil war and I have his enlistment papers. from that point my family moved to the san louis valley in a covered wagon. our family provided a safe harboring for frank and jesse james....I come from a long line of masons and southern stars. I believe that is common in the Bowers family. Lets just face it being a Bowers means you have been extremely blessed...........hahaha. I have more family history if your interested. My e-mail adress is
I am so glad you started this web site....Looking foreward to a huge family reunion someday......... Oh and by the way there is a mountain in colorado named after my great grandpa. It is called (Bowers Peak) in the rocky mountains in colorado. He used to be a famous sheep herder........Check it out sometime - we own a mountain in colorado.... always and forever


Michael W. Bowers II = Colorado Springs,Colorado


Was your great great grandmother's last name Tiel, or is it spelled Teil?.....I am also part Cherokee. I believe it was also my G G grandmother that was cherokee or Great grandmother...My great grandfather's name was John Bowers, my grandfather Edward L Bowers, but we are from Maryland. Man, there are so many Bowers it's hard to tell who you might be related to, haha. There is a road named after my G grandfather, Bowers Lane in Glyndon Maryland. He owned most of the land there and was a pastor of the glynden church.