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Iowa's Bowers Family

Hoping to find more info on relatives from Iowa. Robert Bowers, B.D. November 20?, 1920's. Robert was in the Army as a young man, and had a sister, (perhaps a sister-in-law) "Tru" Bowers. His family farmed in Iowa, but after his Army days, he moved to Savanna, IL, and married Eunice Ritchie. It is my understanding that there was a "falling-out" with family members because he joined the army instead of continuing with the family farm. Tru was the only relative I ever heard him mention by name. If any one knows any names, background info, etc. on this branch of the Bowers family tree, I would be extremely appreciative of an e-mail or message-post on this site.


Robert's middle name was 'Lynn'. He passed on a few years ago (lung cancer). He had two children, Joan Bowers Kriehn (sp?), and Robert Earl Bowers, B.D. Dec. 28, 1958. Joan and David Kriehn, had four children. Robert Earl had 2 sons, Steven Robert Bowers, B.D. 5/1/77, now living in Farmingham, MA, and James Virgil Bowers (surname changed to Keehner in 1996) B.D. 5/31/78, now living in Des Moines, IA.

My name is Mark Bowers, I live in Whitehorse, Yukon-Canada.
I don't know if this helps or not. I too am looking for information about Bowers from Iowa. It would seem, as far as I can figure, my Great Grandfather-John Willis Bowers was born in either Center Point or Grand Rapids, Iowa in 1871. This is all the information that I have and have hit a bit of a brick wall and can't seem to get any further back. John Willis had at least 1 child that I know of for sure, my Grandfather-Marvin. He may have had 3 other children with another woman named Anne Margeret Wessels.
I hope this info is of some use to you and I would appreciate if you have any info, especially if this is the same line.