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Job Bowers

Job Bowers, Hart County, Georgia, born 1803, died 1888, married to Elizabeth Ballenger. After the War Between the States, Job had to receive a pardon from the president of the United States in order to be postmaster at his stagecoach stop, and later Bowersville and Canon. I have the original, and have had it restored. At the same time I had some copies made of this document. I still have a few copies left. If interested, you may e-mail me:


My great grandfather is Joel B Bowers born 1858 died 1933 in area around Canon, GA. My grandfather was Lucius Edwin Bowers born 1891 died 1954 also around Canon, GA. Are they related to Job Bowers?

yes, Lucius was son of Joel B, who was son of Joel, who was a brother to this Job, sons of William Bowers and Polly Cox Bowers.

How many children did William Bowers & Polly Cox Bowers have? Do you have dates of birth for Joel?
Has anyone uncovered the parents of Job Bowers b. 1755 in Va who married Charity? Where do the Bowers originally hail from? I guess England?

They had 13 children.. Job, 1803, Elizabeth 1805,Nancy 1807,Edy 1810,Joel 1812, Polly 1814, William 1816, Asa 1818, Thomas W. 1820, Letty Emily 1822, Charlotte 1824, Sarah Kathryn 1825, and Elbert 1832.

I have information that Joel died at the battle of Antietam & his son John H surrendered at Appomatox. Did Joel B join in the war?
Do you have info on the other children of Joel?