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William Bowers

Looking for information on William Bowers, sentenced to transportation to the colonies at the Old Bailey in England 5 Apr 1741. Was transported in May of same year on the ship Katherine and Elizabeth to Maryland as a bondsman. Does anyone know anything about him? If so, please e-mail me: Please use subject line "Bowers"

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Possibly a namesake of Job's father ... this is the first I have heard of this William Bowers. If you learn anything else, please share. Thank you.

George Robert Bowers ("Bob")
Anderson County, SC

I found an aticle in a book in the Ga. archives, that had the listing for William Bowers. Since, I have logged on to the Old Bailey in England, and found the same info. It does not say what he did, but the captian was William Chapman. The Catherine and Elizabeth sailed May 1741, destination Maryland. This could possibly be Job's father. Even with a 12 year bond to serve, he could easily have worked it out and had a son in Va. in 1755. I am not finding anything more to support this theory.