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New Member Looking up the Bowers Clan of Western-Central Pennsylvania

Hi Everyone:
I'm new to the site, so Hello!
I am trying to find information on my Great Great Grandfather John Bowers. The best information that I have is on my Great Grandfather James M. Bowers who was born in Williamsburg, Blair County, Pennsylvania, in 1870. He lived for quite a while in East Wheatfield Township, Indiana County, and was killed in a mine in Somerset County in 1909. While in Indiana County he married Annie Ressler. If anyone has any information regarding him or any of his descendents I'd appreciate you passing htat information on. Also, if you are a Bowers lining in the Pennsylvania Laurel Highlands drop me a line. Maybe we can organize a family reunion.



I am a grandson of James Bowers and the g. grandson of John Thomas Bowers all of western PA. I have the complete genealogy of this line. YOu may contact me at

Hi Zona:
I was looking on the internet for the newspaper transcript, and I Finally checked this Email and I see that you had responded.

Hello, could you tell me if your information shows brothers to Thomas DOB 1848 as Soloman, Meremiah, Danial, Adam,Georg William and John and sisters Elizabeth Sarah