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Polly Cox Bowers

I am looking for information about Polly Cox Bowers wife of William Bowers. She was born June 1786 and died 1873. I do not know William's dates. William and Polly (probably Mary Ann) lived either in Geogia or South Carolina. I would like information on either of these great, great, grandparents of mine.


becky, did william and polly have a son, louis? if so, i'd like to talk. rodney bowers at:


William Bowers was born in Wilkes (later Hart)Co., Georgia 4 Oct 1779, and died 26 Jan. 1844. Polly was born in South Carolina. They had 13 children, but no Louis. They are both buried at Old Hendry's cemetery in Hart County.

The only information I have is that she was born on June 24, 1786 and died September 9, 1873. She married William Bowers. William Bowers was born October 4, 1779 and died January 26, 1844. William's parents were Charity Karr and Job Bowers - Job fought in the Revolutionary War - my family stories say that he came home to see his son, William, right after he was born and the British soldiers found out and killed him. Not sure if that is true, makes a nice drama! Job was born in 1755 and died in 1779. He was born in Virginia. William and Polly had a daughter, Sally and she was my great great great grandmother. I am still searching for info on Polly's parents. Let me know if have any other info or if you find anything in the future! Thanks!

Nothing new on Polly, but William Bowers mother was NOT Charity Karr. Charity married Samuel Karr after Job's death. I have been in contact with descendents of Charity and Samuel, but they know no more about who she was than we do. They did move to Coweta County, Ga. approx 1832.