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Eleanor Irina Maud Shepherd

Bowers info seems to have run dry, so now trying to locate info on my Great Grandmother, Eleanor Irina Maud Shepherd dob either 1890 or 1894, died 1929. Married to Philip Charles Bowers (son of Philip Edmund Bowers and Ruth Jessica Steed of Great Waldingfield Suffolk) Her fathers name was either Jack or John Shepherd, bit of a rogue, owner of brothels and horse dealer to the king, he had a second family in Canada. Mother surname possibly Bruce. Have not been able to locate any records on either of them so if anyone has any ideas on where I can find more (free!!) I would apprieciate the help.


Hi there ABowers, Eleanor is also my Great grandmother! I have a lovely photo of her I can dig up if you are interested.
We do indeed have lots of family in Canada. Across the world in fact.

You are welcome to drop me an email for more information if you wish.

All the best

- Sam