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Hunting for my Grandfather

I am searching for any information on a James Bowers from the Bristol TN.area, his parents may have been Paul and Virginia Bowers.They may have owned/run a theater in or around the 40's-50's. Their address may have been Little Mary St.

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My grandfather, who has passed away, had a brother who is still alive by the name of James Bowers. He lived in Kingsport, TN(I think this is in the same area of Bristol) in the 50's, but I'm not for sure what year or years. However, he is now about 84 years old and lives in Titusville, FL. He is Originally from Todd County, KY. His parents names were Vernon and Bettie. He looks very Italian, dark complexion, dark eyes, ect. Let me know if this helps you any. I can ask my mother for more specifics if you need me to.