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HI, I AM FROM PGH. PA .MY GREAT GRANDPARENTS ARE JARIUS AND SARAH BOWERS, MY GREAT GRANDFATHER IS JARIUS BOWERS, HE WAS BORN IN SWITZERLAND, MOVED TO BLAIR CO. PA. SOMETIME IN THE LATE 1800. LIVED IN ALTOONA PA. IN 19OO .AS I HAVE THE 1900 CENSUS. IT SAYS MY GRAET GRANDPARENTS HAD 8 CHILDREN AT THAT TIME 2 WERE DEAD. BUT THEY HAD RAYMOND, BORN APRIL 10,1887,DE DIED IN FEB.1971, HE LIVED IN SAGAMORE, ARMSTRONG CO. THEN THEY HAD A SON NAMED RALPH (my grandpap) borh june 1889,also herbert born july 1882 . he owned a machine business in 1919 , and a daughter named lucy born dec. 1884,and martha born nov. 1899 and ruth born oct.1890. my great grandma came from germany ..her name was sarah emma peters..i can not find out where they died or anything else on any of the Bowers children ..Any help? thank you Sarah Bowers