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Dorothy (Canada) Bowers with sone Steven Bowers?

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Someone else sent me the following to post. For more information, email me directly:


Hello Ray,I was wondering if you can be of any service.I live in Los Angeles & often see this homeless man,who has been around for a few years now.I gave him some money the other day & engaged in conversation about his family etc.He said his name was Steven Bowers,He was about 50 plus years of age & came from New York.I asked him about his family & after saying He had none,He said that his mother lives in a Atlanta,GA suburb which sounded like Backet & Her name was Dorothy Bowers & She went by the name of Canada,possibly a nick name.He had not seen his family now for 10 years.He definately has a mental illness & is definately unable to do much for himself.I felt sorry for him & wonder if His Bowers family know of his where abouts.If you have any info on his mother, I can be reached on my cell phone at xxx-xxx-xxxx.He did mention that his mother lives in a mansion.I tried to find this town,but I did not get the correct spelling.Maybe ,you could post this letter in case any other Bowers knows Dorothy.Thanks Sincerely Jez coxon