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Bowers familymembers in Newfoundland Canada

Hi Ray and fellow Bowers Family members world wide. My particular interest is the Bowers Family name pertaining to those who have setteld in Newfoundland specifically Green Bay area)Canada. The earliest records I have in my family date to John Bowar who married Jane Noble in Nippers Harbour. I have much more information on those who have the Bowers family name from the same generation and generations that followed yet I am unable to see a common connection to unite all names into one family! I will gladly share my info with fellow family researchers in the hope that a common threat may be revealed.
It is believed that John was born in England, perhaps Cheshire based on the fact his grandson( my great grand father )visited Cheshire between 1900-1905 as a mason.

Any help will be appreciated.
Andre David Bowers in Newfoundland, Canada


hi Andre as far as i know the Bowers family started off as as romany gypsies in southampton emgland , where they got there name from the way they made there tents in which the lived in by tying them into the boughs of trees and hence where calld bowers . this story has been passed down from one generation to another through the years my aunt jane bowers has many photos and storys of the old days if your interested , have a nice day mr bowers from mr bowers ( i just love saying that)


I'd be delighted to hear any stories you have of the family.
My late father's eldest brother doesn't talk of our roots and all I know is we were from that area - I refer to 'that' area because I'm from Portsmouth :) - and were of romany descent.
My grandfather was John and he married Florence...


Dave (Bowers)
(b Portsmouth 17/5/1963)