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Adding a new Bowers (engaged)

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This is Ray Bowers, the site owner and admin... I just had some good news, so I thought I would share it. Yep, I am finally engaged. April 26th, I asked Nona Green to marry me and she said Yes.

I decided to surprise Nona by doing it at the dance where we met. For those who don't know us, we met through and compete on a Swing dance team called Capital Swing. To do it, Dean (the DJ) played "Ain't no sunshine" and I asked Nona to dance. I took her to the same spot where a few years ago at another Wednesday night Dean and Dawn dance we had met and first did a WCSwing dance.

Half way through the song, with everyone else still dancing around us, I spun Nona to a sitting position on my knee while I kneeled on the other. At first she thought I was just playing with a new dance move, but she quickly realized there was more to it than that. I told her this was where we met and first danced so it seemed only fitting it is where I should ask her to marry me. It was a complete surprise for her and one I was happy to share with our friends there.

Nona could, and probably will, tell a bit lengthier version, but I thought I would beat her to the punch and get the highlights out. Thanks to Dean for playing the song, Dawn for grabbing my camera and getting this photo and of course bringing her onto the team (and into my clutches *sinister chuckle*) Ok, now she can now take over and have fun telling the ring story...

Of course, I will set her up with an email address here at and get her an id so she can post here, not that she'll know anyone, but at least she can see what a large "family" we have here!

So, anyone else working on adding to the family (by marriage or births????). Feel free to post your good news!

Take care,


PS, no date set yet...

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