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william job bowers

i am in the middle of a very large family tree and got stuck at william job bowers born in Va in 1755 and died on oct 1779 the night his son was born. i havnt been able to locate a father for william. if anybody has any info or speculations that could be researched (i ama family historian researcher) i know that his wifes name was charity karr and they are both baried in hary co ga in a very unkept cemetary

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You too? Glad to know of your struggles for this line as well. Perhaps collaboration, sharing resources will help us both get to a point where we can learn more about Job's parents. My speculation involves potential connections documented on the genforum website, specific to the Bowers surname. After you get to review that (perhaps you already have)share your feedback here. Best wishes and good luck. Look forward to seeing if we can uncover some additional clues.
George Robert Bowers ("Bob")
Anderson County, SC

I have found proof that after Job's death, Charity married Samuel Karr (approx. 1784) had two children, moved to Coweta County, Ga. around 1832, and died there at around 100 years old. Expect that she and Samuel were buried at the Karr cemetery near Moreland, Ga., but cemetery has disappeared. I have been in contact with one of their dec. in Fl., but they know no more about Charity's maiden name than we do.